Ampeg SVT clicking issue. Advice needed.

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    Just got my svt 2 pro back from the shop. Full set of jj 6550s in her now. Sounds great. I played with some "push" to it. Master at 3 oclock with gain at 9 oclock, then stopped. I then started to hear a click. About once a second.(Before the retube i never noticed a clicking) Then after a while I just left her out of standby and the clicking got twice as fast. The speeding up maybe because it got hotter? I turned her off, and then on the advice of the tech that fixed it i checked out all driver and preamp tubes with a couple a had. At that point the clicking was still there after every swap, though at a muuuuch slower rate. Any ideas where the clicking is coming from??? Power tubes? They said they checked it with a dummy load and played through it to check it. Though probably not as hard hitting as i was.
    Any ideas what the clicking can be are greatly appreciated.
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    In my shop i had cabinets that i ran the amps thru to check it out after i repaired it. I found that dummy loads and scopes dont always find everything, and i thank God that the bar next door to my shop didnt mind me cranking amps to check them out.

    Take it back and let the shop that just fixed it and let them fix it. Obviously something happened to it while they had it and they need to make it right.
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    Apr 17, 2005
    Just West of Chicago
    For all future people googling this issue... UPDATE. Brought it back to the shop that serviced it. They weren't exactly sure what was causing the issue but did hear it. The tech found something not soldered correctly and fixed it. He wasn't sure why it fixed it but it did rectify the issue. SOUNDS HUGE again.
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    I’m glad you got it sorted. :)
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