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  1. I hope some one can tell me whats going on with my pro!
    When I power down I have a " tone" that starts about 5 seconds after shutdown that goes from a upper register tone down to a low
    register tone for around a 3 to 4 second time span then has a sound like an old huey helecoter for around 2 sec. Kinda makes you think something inside is bledding off.
    Should I be worried about this or not? Right now Im real :eyebrow: concerned.
  2. hmmm...mine dosent do that...i would get it checked out!!!
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    The 3Pro I owned made noise for a minute or so after I powered up. Someone suggested burning in the tubes. So, I left my 3Pro powered on for over 24 hours straight. I didn't expect anything, but the popping and hissing did seem to lessen significantly (though it did not disappear).

    I doubt this'll solve your problem, but it might help, and shouldn't hurt (aside from increasing your electric bill a smidge...)
  4. This one is quiet when it powers up. Plus this unit is about 5 years
    old and still has the original preamp tubes. It still sounds great tho.
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