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    This is an amazing amp as most of you know. I've actually been primarily using as a preamp, as I LOVE the very clean sound of my old Carvers (power amps). I'm in the process of testing all of the tubes (there are five) to give it a perfect bill of health, but everything works as it should. There are a couple broken slider tabs, but they all work. It recently got a new input jack, and the power caps were inspected, so this should run trouble free for many more years.

    ***** EDIT: I replaced 2 of the tubes, which took care of some sagging that I was noticing in the preamp stage. Also, the pots were serviced which got rid of some crackling that was noticeable when you adjusted the 'Plate Voltage'. The amp is operating normally now with no issues. That said, it's an older amp so saying that it's "perfect" might be a stretch.

    I have this priced modestly, but am willing to take offers, and trades are always considered.

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