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Ampeg SVT210 Tweeter hiss

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Stuggi, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. I get a hum from the tweeter in my SVT210 cab. I've tried switching channels and cables (I'm running my Mo'Bass in stereo mode) which didn't help. Turning down the tweeter didn't help eighter.

    Any ideas? I've got the rig on trial for a couple of days, so I would like to sort this problem out before I shell out the cash.
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  3. Tweeters only reproduce hiss, they don't cause hiss. If your tweeter is hissing, the amp is the problem.

    One thing, though... many are confused by the markings on the tweeter attenuator. Having a tweeter attenuator set at noon (on many cabs, this is marked as '0', or 'flat') is usually not 'flat' at all. I like a very bright top end to my tone, and I don't think I've ever had a tweeter attenuator set past 9 or at most 10 o'clock. Setting a tweeter attenuator at noon for most circuits will put WAY too much tweeter in the circuit.

    So, if you have a noisy amp, and have a tweeter set at noon or above, you could run into some hiss.
  4. Well, the ampeg has a pretty funny one, it goes from 0 - 12 in uneven steps, and it says -dB. Does this mean that the lowest tweetersetting is 12, or is it 0?

    I've tried both channels form the amp (it's a Mo'Bass, which runs in stereo) and the only cab that hisses is the 210, but that's also the only cab with a horn...

    I'll try hooking the cab up to my hartke head (kickback 12 combo) if the head can take a 8 ohm load and see if it's the head or the cab.

    BTW, the tweeter control doesn't really seem to do anything... Is this normal? :confused:
  5. Turning down the tweeter is done by turning the control counterclockwise, like any 'tone control'. The -db, with the numbers getting larger as you move counterclockwise, indicates a cut in output (hence the negative DB's).

    Usually, slight changes of the tweeter attenuator control result in big changes in the tone. If your control doesn't seem to do anything, the tweeter could be blown, or, your bass/head/strings could be resulting in very little output above 2K, which is where most tweeters kick in.

    To see if your tweeter is working, turn your amp on and turn up the master volume with the treble control boosted a little. You can do this without a bass plugged in. Turn the tweeter attenuator control up to about noon and put your ear close to the tweeter. You should hear a small amount of very high frequency hiss. Do this with the tweeter attenuater at different settings.... if there is no hiss at all, or if it doesn't change with the attenuator setting, then your tweet is not working.

    Hope that helps.
  6. Well, the tweeter definetly hisses, but yesterday when I tried lowering the tweetcontrol, nothing seem to happen. Maybe the control's fried? BTW, is it possible to damage the tweeter at low volumes with the tweeter dail at zero?
  7. Hmm... sounds like the attenuator might be trashed. If you hear some hiss coming out of the tweeter, then the tweeter is not damaged... with the little tweeter diaphragms, it's usually an 'all or nothing' thing... either they work or they don't (or if the cab has a tweeter protection circuit, the fuse or bulb is either blown or not).

    I would again listen very carefully as you change the level of the control without playing... just listen to the volume of the hiss.... if it is there, but does not change when changing the attenuator control, that would pretty much tell you that the tweeter is working and the pot is somehow defective.
  8. The hiss increases as I push up the volume, and it's definatly coming from the tweeter. I'll try connectng it to the Hartke when I get home (work ends in 15 mins so I'll be home in 20 mins) and see if the control's blown.
  9. Col200


    Feb 18, 2007
    I play a GeddyLee through a SVT210 and never had any tweeter hiss. Also, it's recommended to always have the tweeter att. at noon. Something about distributing the load for the crossover or something.
  10. Well, I tested it, and the hum goes down if I lower the tweeterlevel, but it never really goes down.

    Must be some kind of interference in my room, possibly due to all the electronics here.
  11. Sounds like the circuit is working correctly, and that you just have either a noisy room or a noisy amp. Hopefully, if you get it plugged in somewhere else, and run the tweeter at an appropriate level, it will sound great.
  12. This is not correct. There were some circuits that could be damaged, from what I understand, by running them in the 'all the way off' position at high power for an extended period, but I don't think that's even true anymore with today's attenuators. For most tones requirements, a tweeter level between 8 o'clock and 11 o'clock should give you some nice sparkle to your tone without getting clanky, etc.
  13. My SVT210HE does not hiss no matter where the control is set...I suspect either your amp or maybe the attenuator.
  14. I have a feeling it has something to do with the fact that none of the outlets in my room are grounded, and with all the electric equipment there, the groundpotentials must be all screwed up.
  15. How old would the cabs have to be for this to be a problem? Cause mine should be from 2000-2003, depending on when the original owner bought them.
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