Ampeg svt212av voicing

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    Feb 6, 2007
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    Is there anyone familiar with the svt212av who could give their thoughts on how it's voiced? What frequencies does it tend to accentuate or eliminate? Currently using an Aguilar GS212 and definitely noticing the mid cut. I'm looking for a cab that will work well for both bass guitar and bass synth. I can get a good bass tone (Markass F500 and GS212) but the synth is having trouble cutting through. I've tried running it through an eq pedal first but the boosted mids end up sounding harsh and forced.

    I've considered a fearless style 212 or 15/6 but not sure if I will end up liking the bass tone. Also considered the Aguilar DB212.
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    It's voiced fairly close to the SVT 810e to my ears, although not an exact duplication.
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