SOLD Ampeg SVT3 Pro, Ampeg 4x10 Cab, and Ampeg 1x15 cab

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    Mar 16, 2015
    Here is a great bass rig with that will give you warm tube tones, tons of versatility and all the power you need. It's all for sale as a $900 package. :
    Ampeg SVT3 Pro amp with a hard Gator travel rack case
    Ampeg SVT 410HE 4x10 Cab
    Ampeg SVT 15E 1x15 Cab
    Ampeg AFP2 foot switch

    Ampeg SVT3 Pro amp- excellent condition. The only thing to note is one of the slider handles on the eq is missing (33Hz). You can still move the slider, but it is missing the tiny plastic piece. Otherwise, this unit is in great shape and sounds excellent.
    Ampeg SVT 410HE 4x10 Cab- It's loud, sounds great and built like a tank. It's punchy and will definitely push you to the front of the mix.
    Ampeg SVT 15E 1x15 Cab- This has a couple of scuffs on the telex, but sounds great. The 15" speaker is rich and full, filling out the bottom end or working beautifully alone for blues gigs.
    Ampeg AFP2 foot switch- This allows you to engage the mute on the amp with a foot switch and also switch the 9-band eq on and off.

    I'm sure this is all way to much to ship, so it's for pick up in the East San Francisco Bay Area IMG_1539 2.jpeg IMG_1538 2.jpeg IMG_1536 2.jpeg
    IMG_1520.jpeg IMG_1517.jpeg IMG_1518.jpeg IMG_1519.jpeg

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