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  1. pbassfreak


    May 2, 2001
    long beach
    i just got one of these and am curious about much volume should you use before turning the limiter on..i was playing 3\4 to the max ..and turned the limiter on and lost some it safe to play that loud without limiter
    on..i play it through ampeg classic 4x10..any help would be also says 200 watts at that enough power to pump 2 x 15 at 600watts and 8ohms..thanxxx
  2. CrawlingEye

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    Mar 20, 2001
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    As far as I've known, your wattage isn't what gets you speakers loud, it's the efficiency of them.

    I'm relatively ignorant on the speaker/amp thing, all I know is what I like... But, since no one else's responding, in the least, I'll raise the topic.

    200 watts won't be incredibly loud for a 2x15, although, it'll definatly get you heard.

    Now, maybe I'm missing something though... But what cab(s) are you using?

    The 4x10 or the 2x15? Or both?

    If you use two 8 ohm cabs, in parallel, you'll be producing a 4 ohm load, which should have you producing 350 watts...

    I'm not familiar with Ampeg stuff, but, most compressor's/limiters and whatever else they call them, generally have control's... Most have a gain control and a limiter control. If this is the case, and you're losing a lot of volume, just raise your gain control a bit (in the compressor section). It should level things out.

    Just my attempted 2 cents. :)
  3. Ziggy

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    May 9, 2001
    Orange County, CA

    As 'Crawling Eye' points up; your question may read a bit ambigous, and if the 2x15 is wired 'parallel', the load is only 4ohms... there should be a '4ohm' load printed on the head and / or in your owner's manual.

    If you are indeed running a 2x15 cabinet rated at 600w, and making your 200w @8ohms head try to push it, then that may be the reason you're running the amp at 3/4 volume.
    -the head has to work far beyond it's capicity to push that load.
    Try this analogy;
    a sealed tank of water being filled from a source @ 200 gallons per hour.
    the tank's pump is putting out 200 gallons per hour, but, the hose connected to it can only handle 70 gallons per hour.
    -the pump - your head - is trying desperately to push the load needed, but, because the resistance - 600w @ 8ohms - is too much. The result.... crank up the pump.

    Personally, I'd try to stay with the 4x10. Consider it an additional 10" of moving air.

    As for the limiter?... I have an 'older' Ampeg B-2, and have never used its limiter. I find it's to 'hard' and tends to "crush" the sound. You might be better off adding a 'used' DBX - 160X to your rig. (I think you can still find them for around $200 or so)

    Here's a set-up procedure that I've used successfully;
    -with the limiter off and the volume completely down, play some 'hard low notes'. (open 'A' and fretted 'G' / 'F' are good)
    -starting with the 'Gain Control' at zero, slowly bring it up as you continue playing.
    -roll it up until the 'peak' light begins blinking on the notes you're playing.
    -leaving it at that position, (I have mine marked with a small piece of yellow tape cut into a triangler shape) bring the volume up to the desired 'playing' level for your particular situation.

    I hope this helps you out,
    michael s.
    BTW: I have $1,200 Alembic in a hardshell case sitting in my closet. Why, you ask?? Because, I've found I prefer my early 70's Fender 'P';^D
  4. pbassfreak


    May 2, 2001
    long beach
    thanx gonna try that not using both cabs at one time..i used the 4x10 the 1st time and i was gonna use the 2x15 next time..but im gonna try your set up and see how that works..never leave a pbass in the closet..put everything else in there ..haha