Ampeg SVT410HLF for sale - $500 + shipping (REDUCED)

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  1. mrsfnkta


    Dec 7, 2001
    OK, looking to sell this so's I can get a different cabinet. Reduced the price by $50, how about it now, fellas? If you are close enough, I could even deliver it myself...

    Jim Isbell

    Here's the details...

    Offered up for sale is a sweet 4x10. Never gigged, only a few practices. It has been moved around a few times, but no damage. 100% working order. Here's some quick facts...

    110 lbs, 30" x 24" x 19" - also has rear tubular handle, 2 side handles, and rollers in the rear for easier handling

    4 x 10" speakers with a 1" horn, triple-ported (bottom), great low-end response

    800W Program, 400W RMS - dual Neutrik Speak-On jacks and 1/4" jacks. Also has a variable

    Heavy unit here, folks. Shipping could get up there in the $50-$60 range or higher depending on location. Shouldn't be too bad, though - I am in Arkansas.