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  1. RichardBartkus


    Nov 22, 2017
    Hopefully I am not posting something that has already been conered; I had an eyesight problem last Christmas and surgery last March 13, so I m still struggling. Anyway, here is my question for the group:

    My Carvin BX500 is in the shop again so I am considering suitable replacements. Wjat complicates the issue is that I need it to push two cabs; A 2x10 and a 1x15 both are 4 ohm wired and thus I need a power out of 2 ohms, The Carvin allows you to switch to a 2 ohms, thus I am looking for something that will drive both at the same time, else I will be limited to use one cabinet at a time. I have two axes; my primary is a Bromberg 5 string (Active) and the Passive is a jazz configured fretless 4 banger.

    I have a lead on an SVT4Pro in good shape that is versatile enough to suit my needs but more power than I will need, especially if gig in a large venue usually I will be required to DI to the front of House system.

    I could go on and on but I think this is sufficient for now. If you want more info let me know.

    Any thoughts?

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  2. BadExample


    Jan 21, 2016
    Hey Rick, sorry to hear about your eyes. I'm wishing for a full and fast recovery.

    If you can score a used Carvin BX1500 or 1600, you would have about the same amp as the 500, but with two channels. Us Carvinites are not happy with the way they slammed the door shut on us customers. Setting that aside, if you can score a used BX1500/1600, you would have the same eq you are used to, and two channels (one for each cab), with independent volume controls for each. They did (eventually) release the BX1500/1600 schematics that you can download. If you can find a used BX1500/1600 within your budget, that might be a good option. It seems you have a tech willing and able to work on your amp, so if you can score a used BX1500/1600 at a decent price, that may be a good option for you.

    Godspeed with your recovery, brother!
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    The SVT4 is a cool amp. It's heavy as crap though. That wouldn't sway me. But I'm weird. :D
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  4. RichardBartkus


    Nov 22, 2017
    Thanks! I am still looking for the 1500/1600 but I was able find a BX1200 for a very reasonable price.

    I still love the Ampeg amps and the SVT4Pro does have tug on my heartstrings but I am NOT thrilled with the weight of the Ampeg. I also love the Carvin equip but I an not happy that they just "yanked" the rug from us Carvin users. I am a little concerned about future support.

    However, that being said it will give me a more financially attractive alternative to consider.
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  5. RichardBartkus


    Nov 22, 2017

    I found a BX1500 on Craigslist but it looks different from the demos I found on You Tube. I am going to attach the photo. Am I walking into a scam?

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