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  1. neckdive


    Oct 11, 2013
    This is a rare used Ampeg System Selector in excellent condition. Made in USA by SLM. It has 8 amp select options, and 8 speaker select options, which means there are 8 input jacks for amplifier inputs, and 8 output jacks for speaker enclosures.

    Amplifier input #1 & #2 are for tube amps, #3-#8 are for everything else. All 1/4' connectors should be unshielded cable. The model is AMP-SB.

    Great for A/B testing or just being able to conveniently switch between cabs and amps. Very hard piece of equipment to come by.

    $150 shipped CONUS.

    2015-12-18 09.06.32.jpg

    2015-12-18 09.07.02.jpg

    2015-12-18 09.07.25.jpg

    2015-12-18 09.07.36.jpg
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