SOLD Ampeg V-4B as new

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  1. born2lift


    Feb 14, 2012
    Erie Michigan
    For sale only, no trades please.

    For your consideration in my Ampeg V-4B 100 watt all tube bass amp. I bought this from Guitar Center a few months ago and have only used it a few times. Maybe 5 hours playing time. Probably less.

    It was ordered and shipped to Guitar Center, so it had zero play time when I got it. It's basically a brand new amp. It's been sitting in my shop covered since I got it. I'm selling because I am totally getting out of playing to pursue other hobbies.

    Has JJ tubes.

    Comes with power cord.

    It will ship in the same box that it was shipped to GC in.

    If interested, please contact me with your Name and address so I can give you an accurate shipping rate.

    PayPal please.

    800.00 plus actual shipping and insurance.

    4AAFE869-4059-4FB3-B3AF-C78B9A17E8C5.jpeg D13F9969-13CF-4EBA-BCC9-E3D04093A3D6.jpeg 286911AC-E3AC-43A8-868D-8ABCC22A5E0C.jpeg F5E35361-866E-40CB-8A6E-AE025787571E.jpeg B1CBDEFD-02F7-43AA-9E02-0EDCE1F4AE1E.jpeg
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