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    fat jonny

    Jul 8, 2000
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    Hi, I have been looking around at different kinds of bass heads for a while now because i am building a new rig. I need a new rig because i am starting a band and need an amp to leave at the drummers house and then i can just leave my current amp at home. I dont have a lot of money to spend so i was checking out the used market when i spotted the Ampeg V-4B. I read up on it a little and it sounds like what i have been looking for. I just have a few questions because some other threads i read about it didnt quite answer them. First, i read a lot of stuff about tubes, caps, and a bunch of other technical stuff i didnt really understand. I dont know a lot about tube amps so in general, will the V-4B (the vintage model from the 70's) be very reliable? Should i expect it to crap out on me every now and then and have to take it to a shop? Also, 100 watts is not a whole lot. I plan on using it with a drummer and an 80W guitar amp in a fairly small room. Will there be enough volume to cut through? I read that speaker effeciency makes a big difference in the volume that you get, so can anyone reccomend a good cab that would compliment this amp well? I was thinking of an old ampeg svt8x10 just to add to the vintage vibe. Do i need to get a smaller cab so that the cab will not be underpowered? Is there any cab or type of cab that i should really avaiod using in combination with this head? Is there anything else i should know (horror stories, general opinions, etc) before i get one of these? Thanks a lot!!
  2. I agree with PBG. A V-4B should be plenty loud for your situation.

    I use an Ampeg 410 HLN/F cab with mine and it seems to be a good match. Never tried an 8X10 cab.

    The tone from my V-4B blows everything else I've ever played away.
  3. there's is NOTHING like the tone of a V4-B! However, I can't agree with the volume thing. There's a good chance you'll need more power, I did with mine.