Ampeg V-4B vs Mesa/Boogie Walkabout Head

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  1. I currently have a Walkabout head running into a 8 ohm Powerhouse 4x10. I'm thinking about getting an Ampeg V-4B. I play in a country band that occasionally does some classic rock and blues. I find that my sound is ok but not spectacular. I'm thinking an all tube amp will give my bass a better sound and might give me more headroom. Am I GASing (and that's NOT a bad thing) or am I onto something here? And just for grins and giggles let's toss the Ashdown CTM 100 into the mix as well
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    Aug 29, 2012
    The V4B is great amp to provide v4B sound rather than headroom.
    I don't think any different 100 watt amp could provide real headroom with a 410 cab unless it's living room loudness.
    Headroom isn't the thing that could be trated off for loudness.
    Headroom means no clipping nothing at all even for transients, which is around (occasionally) hundredth part of a second.

    I'd chose the V4B to get a nice tuby "edge" sound rather than headroom goals.
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  3. I've had the Walkabout and have the V4B now.
    Into 8 ohms yr only getting about 165w outta the WA so I think you'll get maybe about the same overall volume with the V4B into the same cab.
    But & it's a BIG BUTT :woot:
    The SOUND outta the V4B (imo) is more solid. ..thicker. ..whatever. .... power toobs!!!!
    I DO know that the V4B into BOTH my Fender Bassman Pro Neo 115 cabs gets very loud. So it depends very much on the cab's efficiency. I swear I get more clean volume outta my V4B with my 2 Fender 115s than using the SVT810E !!:bassist: maybe I'm mad. :cigar:
    Both are lovely amps but given the choice, I'll ALWAYS
    choose all tube. They just have THE sound I'm looking for.
    FTR... I have a Fender Super Bassman for the bigger gigs. . In my opinion, is the nicest sounding all tube amp (therefore - amp) of all time. That I've used anyway. Is 20lbs heavier than the V4B tho. ....:nailbiting:
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    Aug 29, 2012
    I'd suggest the V4B soundwise but can't suggest the V4B powerwise cause I don't know anything about loudness needs.
    Versus the Walkabout it's a sound enrichment, powerwise it isn't a ton of difference I think.

    If you need more of "headroom" with a tube head (which is actually loudness but headroom) my suggestion is to go with a SVT.
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  5. High Camp

    High Camp

    Oct 3, 2013
    With the right cab you can get fired-loud with the v-4b, for instance, with two Ampeg Portaflex cabs.
    I presume you can get quite loud with most 4x10 cabs.
    And the sound is much richer than solid state amps, IMHO.
    >> a double plus for the V4B as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Needing more headroom is not a thing :). Needing to be louder and/or cleaner is. If you want a clean tone for your country, you might want a bigger amp. I have a B25B, a V4B and an SVT. I use the 300-watt SVT for country and the 55-watt B25B for rock. It's counter-intuitive until you think about it.

    Of course you could always put a whole bunch of speaker(s) under your V4B.
  7. Here's a twist I didn't see coming. I've decided to go with the Hartke LH1000. If it's good enough for Victor Wooten, it's good enough for me. OBTW I dug my old Allessandro Basset Hound out of my equipment room and used it tonight in a small club. Sounded great. But again, it was a small club and volume wasn't required.

    Thanks to everyone who took time to reply to this thread.
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