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Ampeg V4(b) for gigging?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by downstairs, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. downstairs


    May 13, 2001
    Pasadena, MD
    I'm really starting to dig the sound of old SVT's and such, and although my bass pod and ampeg b2 do a nice tube sound, they aren't the real deal you know? So I'm wondering, right now I'm using a Peavey 4x10TVX at 4 ohms, and soon I'm gonna have a 1x15 black widow and maybe an avatar 2x10, would the Ampeg V4b (100 watt tube) be enough for me to play out with? I'm competing against 2 guitars, one marshall solid state 100watt with a 4x12 cab, and one line 6 vetta combo (that amp is so great) and a kinda hard hitting drummer (not one that breaks cymbals or sticks too often though) in a melodic/hardcore band. Would I be able to get by with the V4b on small/mid size gigs, the b2 with 350 solid state watts works pretty well (I have to turn it up to 4, maybe, when i play out). Just need your thoughts.
  2. Not against two loud guitars and a loud drummer. Either do your ears a favor and have them turn down, or else get an SVT. Or get the v4b, use it with one cab, and get a power amp to drive the second cab (drive the power amp with the line out of the v4). Oh and then get earplugs.....
  3. ndjx


    Oct 26, 2001
    I tried this Amp today with an STV610HLF and had the volume at 1/2 and the gain at 1/2 and it just wasn't loud at all.
  4. It'd be nice to since V4Bs sound so good. Maybe this would be an ideal situation to justifiably take advantage of the PA.

    I'd also fire a g*it*r*st! :p
  5. Turn everything to 11 and see what happens.

    I'm interested in this amp. I love the tone, but the volume worries me.
  6. i have a v4b through a dual fifteen cab, and i've had no problem with volume being not enough. remember that finding the magical setting and tone really has to do with how hot your tunes are running. with an svt, for me, it is too loud. the v4b lets me crank the amp and not blow my ears out. lol
  7. SVT, too loud??
    Speaking from my experience with a vintage V4B it won't be enough. The tone is great but it'll get lost in a halfway loud band as yours sounds. I've retired mine from live work to reside in the studio for recording duties and replaced it with an SVT years ago.
  8. I used a V4B back in high school with a huge sugar-scoop cabinet and it was plenty loud to compete with (3) guitarists with half stacks. I only had to turn it up to about 11 o'clock. I never needed the PA. The secret was the folded horn sugar scoop with an 18" speaker. Using a huge efficient cabinet makes 100 Watts enough to play anywhere.

    If you can't cut it with a V4B and a big cab, you're band is probably too loud and your audience is probably hating it, even a hardcore audience. Not to mention that usually when bands are turned up that loud they usually sound like crap. Save your ears.

  9. Whatever
  10. Man, I wish I was as cool as you obviously are!

    You are so cool.

  11. It just seemed a little silly to say that anyone needing more than 100 watts must play in a crap band that their audience hates. If that's true there's a whole lot of people around here wasting all their hard-earned money on amps that will just sound like crap!
  12. Stu L.

    Stu L.

    Nov 27, 2001
    Corsicana, Texas
    Sorry Wounded, but that isn't how I saw it. I also don't agree with his "cool" statement either. However, he did say the that the audience was "probably hating it" and "usually sounds like crap" There were no definites in the statement. :)
  13. So by that definition an SVT at about 11 o'clock must sound like crap because it's too loud?
  14. Stu L.

    Stu L.

    Nov 27, 2001
    Corsicana, Texas
    Nope, not at all. But in a small club with a full band, probably. :)
  15. Well I won't go into the type of music I play or the size of shows but it seems to me that if it's at the right volume to fit in with everything and the tone is what you want it shouldn't sound like crap. I've had no complaints, quite the opposite actually.
    This whole subject is about the V4B and when I was using one to play live it wouldn't give me a proper volume without distorting. It was quite old and needed a bit of work but like I said, I got an SVT and it does the job nicely. If the V4B was enough for everyone there wouldn't be an SVT made so I don't get the criticism here.:confused:
  16. Well,
    Here's my opinion.
    First off,The techs I spoke with say it was rated at 120 watts. If that's wrong it sure is a loud 100!
    I had one until recently and thought it handled just fine. We have a 4 piece rock band with a loud drummer and 100 watt twin. It did the job.
    I'm always asked to turn down anyway.
    My volume was set at around one third.
    If your going thru a P.A. it should be more than enough for stage volume. For the most part, I never went thru the board.
    What I liked about the V4b was how it broke up and distorted .
    Sorry I sold it, but it was a bugger to lug around.:) :) :)
  17. downstairs


    May 13, 2001
    Pasadena, MD
    We are a hardcore band (kinda), but we aren't a really obnoxiously loud hardcore band, ya know? And if I ever have to play a larger show i'd see about being though the PA or mic'ed or something. I just wanna know if it'd be ok for rehersal, and small to medium gigs.
  18. Rickenbackerman


    Apr 17, 2001
    Laurel MD
    Chris, while I do repect your opinion, I'm with wounded paw.

    I'll run my '73 SVT into two 810s any day, all day, anywhere, in any situation. Why? Because I'm in a ROCK band, where 99.9% of the people that come to our gigs are there to see some LOUD Maryland doomrock. Oh, and because my guitarist runs an Orange full stack. Sorry, but for me, anything less than 200 tube watts and a whole crapload of speakers is a practice amp.
  19. redneck2wild


    Nov 27, 2002
    Memphis, TN
    Tube power amps tend to sound louder than solid state amps at the same wattage. The distorition/harmonics that Tube power amps generate when they exceed the power rating is very "musical" while Solid state amps sound bad when clipping.
    A 100 watt Tube amp can put out around double that amount of power while still sounding decent.
    Tubes compress signals also, so some dynamics may be lost. Tube compression is one reason Tube amps sound "smooth" and produce rich harmonics.

    If you need more volume than what you get with the Ampeg Head and the 410 Cab, you may need both an additional poweramp and cabinet.
    Most Ampeg Tube Heads will only drive a 4ohm load.
    Since your cabinet is 4ohm, it will not be able to drive another cabinet.

    If you should need additional volume, you may look at getting a single 15 or 18 with a 200+ watt solid state amp to run in addition to the Ampeg head and Peavey 410. Solid State amps tend to be "punchier" than tube amps as the signal is not compressed (unless the amp has a built in compressor). A 15 or 18 could "fill out the bottom" while the tone (Mids and Highs) are produced by the Ampeg with the 410.

    The Ampeg V4B is a nice sounding Tube amp. It works very well with a 8x10 cabinet. It may not work well for deep lows (<60hz) as it is only 100 watts and low frequencies eat up power. If you need deep lows without distorting, you probably need more power and at least an additional cabinet.
    The Ampeg will give you a good smooth tone at a decent volume (but may distort low frequencies at loud volumes through a single 410).
  20. Okeydokey. I got snippy with Paw because he "whatevered" my post. I see now it was because he thought I was taking a shot at him personally. I wasn't - I was just dishing out my standard line of "if 100 tube Watts ain't enough, you're too loud", mixed with my standard comment of "bands these days suck and are too loud". No personal bad vibes were intended, although I do realize that telling someone to turn it down is not a very popular idea and usually does get the inevitable "If it's too loud, you're too old. We're here to Rock! wooooooooooo-yeah!".

    So..... Y'all keep on killing your ears if you want. In 10 years you're going to wish you hadn't.

    Back to the topic at hand, a V4B through a big cab will fit the bill in a lot of situations. And yes, if I had an SVT I would probably use it too, so I don't fault anybody for using one of those. By going from 100 Watts to 300 Watts the sound has only gone up by 3-5 dB anyway, and by using a more efficient cab like a folded horn with a V4B, the 100 Watts will probably be as loud as the 300 Watter through a straight sealed cab.

    So everybody get their panties out of a wad and chill, mmmmkay? I'm one of the old farts who likes to keep the volume sane. Un-mic'ed drums, a 30 - 50 Watt guitar amp turned all the way up, and 100 tube Watts on the bass is perfect volume for me. Anything more and it's just stupid in my opinion and not anywhere near enjoyable.


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