Ampeg V4 -vs- Ampeg VT-22

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  1. (talkin' about heads, not combos)

    Does anybody know the differences between the 2 amps?

    Also, what are the real differences between the V4 and V4B (apart from the ultra-low switch and the reverb)? Is it just the preamp voicing or are there other *noticable* differences?

  2. Dunno.

    A few capacitors and resistors changed in the signal path. I think that's it.

  3. Old Blue

    Old Blue

    Mar 18, 2000
    I have a '71 V-4 head, and it's labelled BOTH VT-22 and V-4 on the back panel. I think the only difference is that the VT-22 was the combo version with two 12 inch speakers. Although mine isn't the V-4B, it works great as a bass head with 1x15 and 2x10 cabs. I just keep the reverb off, and it rattles the walls. Unless I'm mistaken, the tubes used in the preamp and power amp sections for both the V-4 and V-4B are the same. Probably just a few minor differences in pots, resistors, and caps distinguish the two. My overall view of the V-4 is that's heavy, bulky, powerful, and sounds like thunder. I don't enjoy moving the beast around, but I sure like the tone and the volume. Rated at 100 watts, it sounds a LOT bigger.
  4. So the V4 isn't too trebly and gives a good bass thump?
    I've only played through a V4/V4B (dunno which it was) once many moons ago.
    I just wanna make sure I get the right head for the job (considering i'll have to buy one in the US sight/sound unseen and figure out how to ship it here).
    Does anyone have a V4 cheap(ish) for sale? :D (a bit of a call, I know!)
  5. Old Blue

    Old Blue

    Mar 18, 2000
    nil -

    No, the V-4 isn't too trebly. It'll give you enough bass thump to rattle the fillings in your teeth. Using a bass head with guitar cabs (ala Fender Bassman) or guitar heads with bass cabs (Fender Showman as well as the V-4) used to be common 'back in the day.' You don't see it that much any more, but it works well. Just don't plug your bass into a guitar combo. The speakers aren't made to handle the lower frequencies and the voice coils could give out.
  6. Yeah, i've found that from past bad experience! :D Funny when the coil gets stuck!

    I'm running a local copy of a Bassman 50 into an Ampeg quad, so at the moment i'm not *really* running a trad bass rig. I had just read somewhere that the V4 had a real treble ring (which I love, brings the character of my Ric to life), just wanted to be sure it wasn't at the expense of low-end.