Ampeg V4 vs Sunn 1200s

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  1. Mulder7


    May 4, 2017
    I recently bought an early 70's ampeg V4 with Reverb and I love it to death, but have an opportunity to trade for a Sunn 1200s (the all tube version). How do these amps differ in tone? Which one is better?
  2. Depends on the use. The V4 can run 2/4/8Ω with that switchable Output Transformer. The V4 preamp has way more tonal variety. But it has a PCA and is not Point to Point wiring. Now if you are playing bass only, then the 1200S would be my choice. Why? If not already solid state rectified the 1200s can put out approximately 120 watts, getting rid of the 2 GZ-34 rectified tubes and going solid state will net you +150 watts. A V4 running a quartet of 7027A's will net ya 120 watts. So power is nearly equal until the Factory mod is done to the 1200S. In a New York second I would trade my Magnavox era V4B for a 1200S...160 watts vs 120. You betcha. Better think it over if your V4 says "Magnavox" on the rear panel. The V4 might be a better guitar amp though. Also economically the V4 is $500-900 and the 1200S is $700-1200. And lastly the V4 is 26.5" wide vs the 1200S @ 30" wide. We traded my guitarist's 74 V4 straight across for a 73 Sunn Model T. Think we got a good deal? Model T is worth $2000. Go Sunn. Go Sunn. I did. IMG_0549.jpg
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  3. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    All things being equal (i.e., condition) and if you like the sound of the Sunn, it may be a prudent trade. Not because the V4 is a slouch of an amp, but because you can usually pick up another V4 relatively easily, especially now that Ampeg has a nice reissue. Vintage Sunn gear is much more rare and the prices only seem to be trending higher and higher.
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    A V-4 with 6550's can put out more power too not sure how much though, is a legit Ampeg mod. Sunn tone controls don't do much, i had a 2000S years ago and that was my complaint. Ampeg tone controls are great, you can really get a lot of different sounds out of them.
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