Ampeg V4B > Aguilar GS112

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  1. Will this combination work? Does running a 100W vintage head completely defeat the purpose of using a power hungry, modern cabinet? How about the V4B into two GS112s? I've read it can be dangerous to underpower speakers.

    Maybe this is a ridiculous combination. I'm relatively ignorant when it comes to bass amplification. Basically I love the sound and portability of the GS112 and may have access to a V4B, which I dig as well. There's no way a folded horn 2x15" cabinet will fit into my hatchback.
  2. well it should work but don´t expect tremendous volume thou. i´ve used my V4 with an SWR 6x10 (1000w) and it was no problem, the owner of the cab uses it with his 70´s V4 and it sounds just fine.
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    I've read that too but I dont see how it could possible damage anything, could someone elaborate on this?
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    The GS112 is not a particularly power hungry cabinet. I think they are pretty efficient.

    Underpowering speakers is a myth. People who talk about it dont understand that what they are talking about is actually overpowering a speaker by clipping the amp (and exceeding the power dissipation rating for the amp possibly to a level the speaker cant handle) and subsequently overheating the voice coil. The only thing you will need to worry about is overpowering the speaker.

    Sure the combination will work. I suggest trying it out before you buy!
  5. Thanks for the responses. A drummer I play with has a V4B in his basement. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't flirting with disaster by pairing it with my GS112.