Ampeg V4B Classic Series Problem

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  1. So, I have my favorite tube amp that finally needs some work. I was playing it one day, and noticed that the bass frequencies were cutting out. I fiddled some knobs, and it started acting normal again. It did it a couple times, then I went to flip it into standby mode and it let out a not very pleasant high pitch squeal. Is this just a tube going out that needs replaced? All the power tubes are glowing in similar fashion, not that is always a tell tale sign they are good, but just wondering if this is a preamp tube, or something else? Anyone have this happen, and know the quick fix?
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    It's time for your amp to be thoroughly diagnosed and serviced once the actual cause of your symptoms are (correctly) identified. Use a tech that is both qualified and experienced it servicing legacy Ampeg products. Beware of techs who claim that "it's bad caps" or "bad transformer(s)" without a proper diagnosis or you will find yourself paying for parts that you really didn't need.
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