No longer available Ampeg V4b Reissue- Brand new

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    New York
    251EAA08-6990-4EB9-867D-E6730EB37D87.jpeg 52DB62B8-8202-40D1-B0C3-4129CA514AA7.jpeg For sale is a brand new Ampeg V4B Reissue... only taken out of the box to check that it works, and it sounds fantastic. Can still return if I need to, but I got it for a great price and I thought I would pass it along to a fellow TB'er before I do.. Prefer local NYC/Long Island sale.. will ship if you'd like however. Save $400 off of the price of a new one.

    Pics to follow

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  2. SactoBass

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    Wow! This is a smokin' deal for someone in the New York area! :thumbsup:

    GLWTS Nick!
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  3. BOOG


    Dec 13, 2016
    Cleveland, Ohio
    I can really appreciate that with your good fortune you are “paying it forward”!

    If I was in the market I would jump all over this. It’d be worth it to take the road trip for a slice of pie, a beer, the twin towers memorial and a killer amp! Sounds like a perfect weekend.

    Good luck on the sale!
  4. Last call. Going to return in on Tuesday
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