Ampeg V4B slave Help!!

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have a gig tonight and am cab-less.

    I have an ampeg v4b and was going to borrow both my friend's 4x10s for tonight. However if I remember correctly the v4b only has one speaker output.

    If i wanted to use both cabs could I slave my V4b to his SVT-CL and also overcome the issue of the V4B not having enough volume in a big room?

    If so would I plug a cab into each head and just use the slave out of the V4 and into the SVT?

    If I did this would there be sound coming out of both cabinets?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, just want to make sure I do this right and don't blow a tranny.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. If you have an early '70's V4b, then it will have two speaker outs. One is labeled speaker, which is the main out. The other is listed as "Ext. Speaker" and that would go to the second cab.

    And yes you can use a cab on both and run the svt off the ext amp output......

    If you are worried about power, why not just use the SVT?
  3. mine is actually a later 70's model and has one jack labeled speaker and another that says ext speaker. When I got the amp the first time I tried it I plugged into the jack that only said speaker and hardly got any volume out of it. I plugged the cab into the "ext speaker" jack got got full volume out of the cab. I guess it's a bad jack?

    If it's a bad jack would I be able to do what I want by slaving it to the svt tonight?
  4. I'm not really worried about power if i'm able to use both cabs. and honestly I think the V4 just sounds way better than the SVT for what I'm doing
  5. Something is wrong with the jack or the wiring with those jacks then. It would be best to have a tech look at it..

    You still can run one cab off of it like you have been then run the SVT off the ext amp jack to chain them together. You will have a mismatch of power though between the cabs which may sound odd.. Try to dial in the cabs at the same power levels via the volume..

    If you are comfortable working in an amp with high voltages, you could take a look. But if you are not comfortable with it leave it to a tech who knows what they are doing. No sense risking your life..
  6. Thanks man!

    Guess I'll suck it up and use the SVT and take the V4 to my tech to get that jack taken care of.

    Thanks again for the help!
  7. To be honest I haven't used my V4b with my (2) 112's yet. Always ran a single 410 cab. I just tested though. My ext cab jack is much quieter than the "speaker" jack. When I ran my two cabs they are both the same volume.

    So it sounds like your jacks may just be wired backwards. One jack is a shorted jack and the other is open. The shorted jack should be on the main " speaker" jack.
  8. If your friends 410s have two jacks on the cabs or one 1/4" and a speakon you cab run from the amp to the top cab and from the top cab to the bottom cab.
  9. I didn't know that. I'll plug them both in and see if they push the same volume.

    Hopefully that's the case and they're just backwards.
  10. Only has one 1/4" on each but I think they do have speakons. totally forgot all about those things.
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    Dec 11, 2010
    Now that is just crazy talk. :D
  12. If both jacks don't work on the amp use a 1/4" to the top cab and a speakon to connect from the top cab to the bottom cab. Don't forget to set the impedance switch on the V4B: two 8 ohm cabs will be 4 ohm, two 4 ohm cabs will be 2 ohms.

    Silly me :D
  13. Just verified his cabs do have speakon connections so I guess I'll be fine. No need to slave the two!

    Thanks guys!
  14. Have a good gig!

    Don't forget to set the impedance switch!
  15. thanks!

    Of course! I'm super paranoid when it comes to that! haha