Ampeg V4BH blown fuse question

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  1. piratesam1984


    Jun 24, 2009
    I had my V4BH at the practice space for quite while. Everything worked good with it for years but it blew a fuse the other day. It has blown the fuse in the back and hopefully there's none blown inside the amp as I've heard these amps have 4 fuses but I can only see one on the back. The blown fuse is labeled as: T5A Slo Blo 125v. I have changed fuses before and normally understand what types of fuses to get however I don't know what the T stands for in T5A and have not been able to find any of the proper fuse online. Would a 5A Slo Blo 125v work or do I need to call Ampeg on this?
  2. SloBlo 5A is correct 125 or 250v doesn't matter just as long as it isn't under 125v. Remove the output tubes before trying with the new fuse, if it blows again it could be shorted rectifier diodes or a power supply cap.
  3. piratesam1984


    Jun 24, 2009
    So the T in T5A does not matter?
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    T stands for "time delay," another way to say "slow blow."
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    Aug 7, 2008
    There is a normal 10A clip in fuse inside the chassis for the heater. So if changing the fuse on the back panel doesn't help, look inside the chassis.
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    Or take it to a tech to check out. There are lethal voltages inside the chassis. Some are still there after you switch the amp off.