SOLD Ampeg V4BH Classic Series 2006 Black - Made in USA - All Tube Bass Amplifier - Super CLEAN

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    Ampeg V4BH Classic Series All Tube Bass Amplifier Head

    $900 + Shipping to CONUS.

    In Excellent condition. Super CLEAN. Manufactured in 2006 (St Louis Music era), Made in the USA by SLM electronics. Beside the tubes of course, 100% original.

    This is one of the last model version after Ampeg stopped most of their production in the USA and transitioning to the Loud Technologies moving all production line to Asia, , then this model was discontinued. This is exactly the same amp that the previous mid '90s models with the red and the blue graphics, labeled as V-4B Classic Series (These would say also V4BH on the sticker on the back).

    Think of an SVT Classic but smaller (it weights a HALF!). It sounds and looks beautiful, It combines the sound legacy of the older 70's V4B (Not the newer Chinese reissue) but with the flexibility and reliability of the Ampeg SLM era amps. These V4BH came either with 6550 o 6L6 tubes, this one particularly came with 6L6.

    To me, there're four reason why it beats an SVT: First, you can crank it at lower volumes (at realistic situations such as recordings and small venues), with still 100Watts RMS of pure tube sounding. Second, it work with 4 and 8 Ohms cabinets (this is a huge plus, meaning you can use single 1x15"/2x10" or 4x10" at 8 Ohms...) you can still hook it up to an 8x10" or an SVT-410HLF at 4 ohms but it's not mandatory like on the SVT. Third, it's QUIET. Unlike the SVT, there's no fan on the V4BH so definitely quiet for recording situations. Fourth and last, It weights half of an SVT, half easier to carry around.

    - 100 Watts RMS ALL TUBE
    - Power Tubes: 6L6GC (x4)
    - Preamp Tubes: 12AX7 (x2) + Driver Tubes: 12AU7 (x2)
    - Input 0dB/-15dB.
    - Gain y Master Volume.
    - 3 band EQ with 5 steps for Mids..
    - Ultra Lo & Ultra Hi Selector
    - XLR Balanced Output.
    - Preamp Out / Power Amp Input / Slave Output.
    - 2 Speaker Outputs with 8 - 4 Ohms selector.

    It's been serviced a year and a half ago and re tubed with JJ's. It sounds awesome and super clean. The Tubes will be securely removed and wrapped for Shipping, don't worry i know how to do it and feel free to check my reviews about shipping these amps.

    As you can imagine, Local pickup in LA is much preferred. Although i can ship it out to Continental US as an option, but you got to understand that shipping this baby boy has a cost (It's more than the courier, it requires the proper box, padding and insurance. Please check our reputation and how buyers speak well about our packing and shipping techniques). I set a flat rate considering an average coast to coast route, but i'm willing to check with you depending on your location and i'll be happy to find the cheapest and most convenient way. Just message me before buying.

    (The cab on the photos is for display only, and is NOT included on the sale).

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