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  1. Its been years since my workhorse V4BH has been serviced. I plan on taking her in and getting her re-tubed and re-capped this month. Now this is where I need assistance. I'm looking at the market for new tubes and realize that I have no idea what is considered good in the current production tube market anymore.

    I currently have some tired old JJ/Tesla 6L6's in there. I'm not unhappy with them, but I wouldn't mind tightening up the bottom end a little bit. If they are still considered good and reliable I would have no qualms buying another quad though. I've read good things about these new "TAD" (Tube Amp Doctor) 6L6's, any of you have any experience with these? Any other companies I should be looking at? Thanks in advance everyone!
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    As far as good 6L6GCs, I've used the JJ in the past and they were fine. I've had sort of mixed results with JJ tubes lately, stuff going bad or out of balance sooner than it should. I'd say Winged C, but they went out of production and the price shot up for whatever remaining stock exists (I actually got a matched pair of NOS GE's a few months ago for less than most places are selling the winged C tubes).

    I haven't tried much of the TAD stuff, but their 6L6WGC is supposed to be a good copy of the old GE tubes and have good clear bass. There's are good reviews of current production 6L6GCs here and here if you haven't seen them yet.
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    This is a common problem. If you buy tubes infrequently, every time you need new ones you have to figure out which one to go with because the tubes offered change. You can't just go by brand and expect consistency.

    If you find a tune that you like, I find it good to keep some (at least preamp) spares on hand if you can afford it.

    I've heard positive things about the new TAD 6L6 but haven't used them. If you want NOS here are some nice GE 6L6GC's.
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    Just put a new quad of JJ's in the power section of my 1993 V4B. It seems to sound good to me.
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    Had bad luck with JJ 6l6's in the pair crackled 3 months into their run, one pair was microphonic out of the box. But I just got a new V4B and it comes stock with JJ 6l6's, and they've been great for 6 months now. I think just putting new ones in it should tighten up the bottom end, although I'd also be taking a look at your pre tubes as well.
  7. I was thinking a simple tube change should tighten up the bottom end. Thank you for affirmation! As far as preamp tubes go, do you have any suggestions as to who is making good quality and good sounding new production 12AU7's and 12AX7's go?

    As far as the 6L6gc's go I'm really leaning towards trying out the TAD's. It would seem, according to the posts in this thread and others across the net, that JJ's consistency has slipped recently and I'm not a gambling man. Plus I've only heard things about the TAD's. I'm still open to other suggestions as well, though!
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    The pre tubes I hear about being the best for new are JJ gold pins and Tung Sols. I've tried neither ;)