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Ampeg v4bh with trace elliot cabs... any point?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jessebooth, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. jessebooth


    Mar 6, 2006
    Wow my 1st post!
    Does anyone have any experience using ampeg valve stuff with trace elliot cabs?
    Ive ordered an ampeg 100 wat v4bh head and im wondering if i should consider ordering a new cab/cabs to go with it.
    I allready have a trace cab with 4 tens but no horn, and a 15 with no horn, both are ported at the front. As far as i know they are 8 ohm each, and i got em in around 1997 new. The 4 tens is coverd in vynil, and the 15 in carpet. Should i be looking into getting an ampeg cab?
    At the moment im using a trace 250watt head with a 7band eq, but its noisy as hell and has never worked right. I dont really think the sound from either cab on its own with that amp sets the world on fire, but when theyre together running at 4 ohms it does sound pretty beefy.
    Does the v4bh run better with one cab or two? Any help on this would be great, cos i want to get it all sounding sweet as soon as i can.
    Also, ive orderd an ashdown minirig just for the fun of it. Anyone know much about these?

  2. I dont think horns are really needed, but thats just me, why dont you try that head with the cabs when you get it and see how you like it, and if something is bugging you with the sound, then worry about getting a new cab

    Im using an SVT II with a carpet covered 4x10 with horn, vinyl covered 2x15 without horn, and both are front ported, and i love the sound, so, its down to the player :p

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