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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by KingBiz007, Oct 5, 2000.

  1. KingBiz007


    Oct 5, 2000
    I want to get a Ampeg SVT-2x15 Cab but i dont know if i could get all the high's i wanted out of it.

    I want it mainly because of the fact that 2 15" speakers would give me a very good low sound, but would my high's still sound good?

    Too bad the Ampeg SVT-1540 was discontinued...
  2. White_Knight


    Mar 19, 2000
    Well, can't tell you that I've ever played that cabinent. I can tell you that depending upon the quality of the speaker, you shouldn't have a problem, though I don't know what kind of speakers Ampeg uses. I've got a Crate BX-100 that has great lows and awesome highs (I've never heard an amp anywhere near the same price range with as good of tone) and it has a 15" in it (I'm wondering if it has the option for a JBL 15" in it instead of the factory speaker). Try one before you buy and see if it's what you want.

    [Edited by White_Knight on 10-05-2000 at 02:47 PM]
  3. extreme


    Mar 20, 2000
    You must have a JBL in there 'cause I had one of these and it sounded horrible! It's now being used as a drum stool...
  4. MikeyD


    Sep 9, 2000
    The SVT 215E doesn't have any tweeters, and the frequency response is -3dB at 3 kHz. Kind of limited in the high end (but the low end seems very healthy, according to the specs). Regarding the 1540, I still see it listed in Musician's Friend (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/), so I wonder if it really has been discontinued. Are they going to replace it with a similar model?

  5. KingBiz007


    Oct 5, 2000
    Yeah, i saw it on Musicians Friend too, thats were i saw it got discontuned. That is one sweet cab though. I gotta try and find one somewere...

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