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  1. I wanted to put this post out there to answer anyone who is curious about the engineering side of things and why they work the way they do without the colorful descriptions musicians tend to give to topics. Combine the two together and I think you will have an awesome understanding of things.

    Paul has been working more on the audiophile side of the house so he designs for optimizing the balance of pros and cons inherent in every amp for those priorities but you can learn what you need from his great short simplified explanations of hundreds of audio topics. I lost count over 600 was his video list last time I was listening...Anyway I hope you enjoy a little engineering education side of the art.

    What are the differences between Class A, AB, and Class D amplifiers?

    How to make Class D sound better

    The future of Class D amplifiers

    Are vacuum tubes worth it?

    Why do tubes sound different than transistors?

    What's the sweet spot for an amplifier?

    Big amps vs. little amps

    Can small amps power big speakers?

    Are expensive amps overkill?

    How do watts work?

    Are all amplifier watts the same?
    Are all amplifier watts the same?

    What's the difference between amplifier gain and watts?
    What's the difference between amplifier gain and watts?

    Does higher wattage mean better sound?
    Does higher wattage mean better sound?

    What should you look for in a power amplifier?
    What should you look for in a power amplifier?

    Why do capacitors sound different?
    Why do capacitors sound different?

    Ported loudspeakers
    Ported loudspeakers

    Can you run 4Ω speakers on an 8Ω amp?
    Can you run 4Ω speakers on an 8Ω amp?

    How to match amps to speakers
    How to match amps to speakers

    Do expensive cables matter?
    Do expensive cables matter?

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  2. This is all just a taste sampler, if you really are hooked on learning more just visit PS Audio home page and pick any video that interests you:

    PS Audio
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    Thanks for sharing!
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    So, a big red flag comes up on your post and other posts that have absolutely nothing to do with bass guitar and everything to do with marketing of products unrelated to bass. You are a brand new user, from the audiophile community, posting links to PS Audio which is a commercial company specializing in selling VERY expensive "things" (including $150 power cords, $300 power receptacles and $8000 power conditioner/regenerator/regulator devices) to consumers.

    My red flag BS-O-Meter goes full tilt boogie because I spent some time early in my career working in that industry, I posted a story of why I left, but crooked (as an entire industry) is the main reason. The sole goal of the "audiophile" industry is to separate people from their money by promising things that unicorns are made of.

    Sorry, but I don't believe in the "hand jive" that the industry thrives on.
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  5. My tip from just seeing the screen shot, Do not use that small pa speaker. :smug:
    He took over six minutes mostly talking about the heat and efficiency of a class A amp to say "a preamp" in a seven minute video. :bored:

    Hi @catcauphonic!
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  6. Yeah, this is spam.
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  7. All these videos are pure BS
    It should change it's name from "PS Audio" to "BS Audio"

    Hop over to Ethan Winer's channel and see where Ethan offered $1000 to debate Paul

    Paul is a no-show
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    Development Engineer-Mesa Boogie, Development Engineer-Genzler (pedals), Product Support-Genz Benz
    The audiophile marketing community is made up by many who would make P.T. Barnum proud.
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  9. Jaco who?

    Jaco who?

    May 20, 2008
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    Not even gonna bother listening. Super spammy post. Bleh.
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    I used to read The Absolute Sound, marveled at all the beautiful equipment and ecstatic reviews of every 'next big thing', until it dawned on me that these schmucks were buying 1000-dollar speaker cables as big as welding cables to drive their 50-grand speakers . . . . . that when you looked inside, from the jacks to the individual drivers? Tiny, tiny wire like in a 10 dollar transistor radio. I then wondered why TAB wasn't sold next to the Enquirer in the check-out line at Publix . . . . .
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    There is some serious BS infos with PS audio.

    Most important thing in audio ?
    Learn your sound by yourself and it does not matter if you play with a super Class H amp or a toaster as long as you like what you do and if it serves the music you play.

    Class D, A or AB ... Depends on the power and weight you need, the preamp is 99 % of the tone of an amp.
  13. Dear OP,

    Those of us who are more scientifically minded get our jollies there with the science while the others are hugely thankful for their dedication to the craft. The others have spent time in another aspect of creation. By how they touch those strings and make the pres react with the amp while paying close attention to the cabs affect on the emerging notes they help you remember or forget the someone you lost. They might not dial back the “colorful descriptions” they sometimes give topics because, “give me some more purple” is a language too. :)

    Not to derail because that’s some questionable audio marketing.

    There’s a difference between a musician saying he wants warmth and immediacy and an engineer interpreting that into “tone monster gear” :) that responds as a musical instrument, and selling something from an idea to an idea.
    Where’s that School? Oh yeah. Placebo U.
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    Is Publix still in business?!
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    South Eastern U.S. sure to check the box that affirms "Commercial User."
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    I was about to ask the OP that same question. As in are you?
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  17. It's really a textbook example of a cult. Those that subscribe to it completely ignore theory and empirical knowledge.
    It's interesting that you never find these crazy suppositions that they promote, deployed in professional broadcast, recording and sound reinforcement industries.
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    Strange question. Publix is the third largest grocery chain in the US with almost 2000 stores.
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    Publix is one of the top grocery chains in the USA.

    Publix - Wikipedia
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    ahhh, that explains...
    When I was a kid the best bookstore in Cleveland was Publix (sp?) and located downtown near the theater district. I thought it was a private small business but the earlier post led me to assume it may have been a small chain/franchise. I never heard of the one you mention. :laugh:
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