amps&cabinets for the Double Bass (DB)

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  1. Hello bass 'friends"

    Last week a saw this talkbass site, great all the forums
    specs etc... from all the players in the world.
    My name is Fred vd W. and i'am almost a professional bassplayer. (electric & double bass).
    All the forums i read well it's just a matter of tast and use your ears. It's a cliche maby but it must come from the fingers to get a good tone.

    What i know is that to get a good clear tone you need headroom and a lot of clear power.
    What i use know is a EV Q66 power amp 2x 600w (and still i don't go that loud) and a Focusrite Tonefactory preamp this is a great studio and live preamp, with less noise and you can hook up also a microfone.(not signal and mic together) and other instruments if you want.

    Also i use the Eden XLT 2x10" and a new XST 2x10" inch speaker cabinets.This new XST cabinet is a 4 ohm cab / 450w!
    It weights 10 lbs less than the XLT cab. this XST can handle a DB very good see specs on the Eden web site,and has a good linear signal.
    The XLT is better for te EB. If you hook up both you will get te jackpot!....... see attachment
    last week i saw a DB player with the Gallien Krueger 150MB combo (metal box) and an external speaker cab
    that's great sounding to but palying alone with the GK you will get problems with a drummers who's playing not soft! So what is the compromise? (is that English?)

    Well all bass family i hope you will get some good information about my experience i had and did a lot about equipment it will goes on and one.....but now i only want to play!

    all the best regards
    Fred van der Wende
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    How do you like your Schertler amps? Do they sound okay? How faithful are they to the sound of an unamplified bass?
    The reason I want to know is because Hammond-Ashley (800-787-4642) here in the Seattle area has got a half-price sale going on with them. I don't do a lot of amplified gigs, but if they're really good, maybe I can get my wife to going along with my buying a set. At that price, I don't see how I can go wrong.
  3. Monte


    Jan 9, 2001
    DFW Area, Tejas
    You certainly can't go wrong at that price. I love the Pub 2/280 and find it surprisingly adaptable and useful in many situations. It is deceptive in that you don't think you are loud enough until someone sits in and you hear your sound while sitting at the bar. :cool:

    I also tried the Pub 1/380 sub with it, and I didn't feel I gained as much volume and lost some of the "clean-ness" in the sound. However, I only tried it for 2 gigs, and there are enough variables for me not to be willing to say it won't work as the gospel truth. My next thought is to add a 2nd Pub 2/280. The frequency resonse goes very low on them, so I'm not sure what you would want the sub for anyway. I think Scott Reed who posts here occasionally has done this with his Fishman Full Circle and had good results. For most club situations, the one has been enough. For bigger situations, I have been using the one Pub 2/280 as a stage amp and sending another signal from the Schertler Pre AII to the house PA with SUPER results.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Monte


    Jan 9, 2001
    DFW Area, Tejas
    I don't remember any noise at all when I turn it on, but I'll check later and report.