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  1. Is it possible to use a normal amp for a bass or do they need specific (and probably real expensive leaving me skint) amps?
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    Dec 11, 1999
    Ok where to start?

    1 Welcome to the board

    2 You have posted an amp question in the bass section. One of the mods will probably come in with a 'moved' post.

    3 Many of the posters here are US based and some are unaware that there are other countries 'out there'. So they will always use $. Now although the £ is at 1.5something $ when it comes to gear the ratio is 1:1 so if they quote $100 it's going to cost you £100 not £64. Ok? Deal with it where's the smiley?

    4 YOu do need a bass amp but you can get away with a guitar amp if you realise that a it will sound like dung b you risk shagging the speaker if you play loud c you only practice with it.

    5 The Fender Bassman is a guitar amp

    6 Cheap stuff sounds cheap so you are going to have to choose wisely what you spend your stuff on. The good thing about cheap stuff I mean 'entry level' is that there's a lot of secondhand stuff around because people upgraded or gave up. Try your local shops and see what second hand gear they have.

    7 If you do not have a band and therefore do not need to be audible, consider a not buying an amp and gettign a better bass. It is possible to practice unamplified. b get a headphone amp like a Pandora. Your parents will thank you for it.

    8 gotta go see you later
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    Dec 11, 1999
    9 Hello again. Been thinking-there are older valve amps that were designed for guitar and bass,I have a 100w head but it's rare. You can pickup Selmer Treble and bass heads for a couple of hundred. Also the old Sound City amps sound good with bass and guitar.

    Finally I have given you a range of options. If you want a cheap gigging amp then you cannot beat a Peavey TNT combo. Big loud cheap what more do you want?
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    What - do you have ESP?

  5. Welcome to TB

    I would second what CS said.

    1. Take your time and read this amps forum. Also use the search facility. Most of the questions you will have, will have been asked already so the information is already out there. Also do not be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they might be silly, you may get some sarcastic replies but you will get the answers you need.

    2. Decide what you want from your amp - solo practice, band practice, recording or gigging.

    3. Set your budget and stick to it. There is a lot of very expensive gear out there that could break your bank balance. Also as CS said do not be afraid to go second hand.

    4. Try before you buy.

    5. If there are no decent shops locally come up to London for the day and visit the Bass Gallery and the Bass Centre. You will find good service and lots of gear to try.

    All the best with your gear search and keep us all posted on your progress.