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Amps not working :(

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by harry182, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. harry182


    Nov 28, 2009
    Hey guys.

    I know theirs a few good techys on here so was hoping I could pick some of your brains :)

    I have a Warwick XTreme 10.1 bass amp. It's 1000watts. I bought it brand new. It's been used a couple of times but no were near as much as I should have really due to me having a Tubepath as well that I use more!

    I used it one night at a gig, maybe a year or so ago, went to plug it in at home and it wouldn't turn on.

    Has no reason to as I treat all my gear like princess's as you would, but nothing would fire up...

    I've tryed multiple power leads and no joy. And the fuse on the rear of the amp looks fine, I am on my way out now to replace it just for the sake of it... But wondered where to point my finger too next?

    Obviously, in an ideal world I'd take it straight to some one with experience in this, but just wanted to see if I could get some ideas here first before throwing

    Be grateful for any help :)
  2. If could be as simple as a failed power switch. I worked at a TV shop when in HS for extra credit and cash. They had a TV that was there for almost two years that would not power up. Everything checked out including the power switch on the volume control with test equipment, but when I tested for voltage drop at the switch.....the switch was defective. It had a voltage drop of over 70 volts. Sometimes the simple things can be overlooked.
  3. When did you buy it??? Is the warranty still active?? If yes, take the amp in and get it fixed.

    Check the power cable. Try a different outlet. Disconnect the speaker cabinet and see if it powers up.
  4. Also, check the fuse with a multi-meter, rather than just by eye.
  5. harry182


    Nov 28, 2009
    Herro :)

    Yeah I have a friend of a friend that works with computers who mentioned It could be something simple like youve mentioned. Fingers crossed :)

    Hey Paul,

    Ive had it for over 2 years so I'm assuming that Warranty wont be valid any more.

    I've tried different power leads, plug sockets, guitar leads, cabs ect... This ones a problem inside the amp :(

    Hey :)

    Fuse wise, I'm just going to buy another for the sake of it as only be a few pennies.

    However, have just got my hands on this one....


    I Havent the foggyiest idea how to use it so going to see If I can do a bit of reading first before poking it anywhere...
  6. harry182


    Nov 28, 2009

    Been all over looking for the right fuse and couldn't find one... even went to the guitar shop who don't stock them either... However, he was able to test the fuse for me... and It works.

    Explained the situation to him and said it sounds like your amps not getting power, maybe you have a secondary fuse inside?

    So plan tonight is open her up and have a look. will obviously check if I can see anything unplugged or shady looking.

    the good thing as well is I asked weather they offer a service to fix amps, to which he said yeah, £20 to open it up, have a look and diagnose the problem. asked is that by the hour? to which I got a no.

    Almost sounds to good to be true... more than likely be going down that route If I cant find anything!

    Fingers crossed
  7. So Harry, if you open the amp up have you any idea what to look for?? If not the tech is your best option. All of we folk who have, or still do, tech work have had to repair equipment that an owner had tried to "fix". It usually requires greater cost to the owner than the original fault would have done.
  8. harry182


    Nov 28, 2009
    Of course I don't, But being a man, I'm inquisitive, and were possible, I like to get stuck in... (take as you will) Even more so If their is something to be learnt or it could save me a couple of penny's!

    I've had gear before that I've managed to repair myself due to, bumps, loading un/loading were tubes and wires have come un
    loose... bet I'm not the only one.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying because of this I'll be able to fix it and I'm defiantly not going to be just poking around at anything, but theirs no harm in opening her up and having a look. Should anything jump out and look suspicious, then I can seek further advice and address as necessary. If not, then at least I can send it away in the knowledge that I had a look and It was beyond me.
  9. Fair enough. Just don't get your fingers into the mains voltages. 240V will give you an unpleasant surprise.
  10. harry182


    Nov 28, 2009
    So this happened over the weekend...

    Close up of the top off...



    Few close up...

    Where the power lead goes in...


    behind the dials ...


    Found two fuses aswell...


    on close up they look like this...


    They look odd... tested both as I did the fuse that was by the power lead, but both tested the same so sadly not them :(

    Made sure all the leads were in securely and still nothing. Im away this weekend so when I get back, I think Im going to book it in to the shop so they can have a look at it.

    Will update as and when :)

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