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  1. Acoop


    Feb 21, 2012
    So, I thought about all the comments that were left on AOTF1, (Link Below) and started thinking about what we'll be plugging into once at the gig.

    You'll arrive at your gig, greet your fellow bandmates then, download all your sounds into the mixer. ... But, this isn't a mixer with sliders and dials. ... It's a Central Station that all the different instruments are loaded into and it is set up to give you your desired front end mix. Whatever you want already loaded in and ready for you to play. Sound like the Beatles, sound the Stones, automatically or just sound like you. ... The Central Station then takes that mix and feds it into the Iphones of every paying customer at the gig. ... Just like your tickets is on your phone the concert, will be delivered to you iphone. ... You plug in and enjoy, there's not a big room full of sound, so, if you need to, you can talk, and not scream. ... Plus, no huge PA to pack in or out.

    Amps In The Future
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