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AMPS & PICKUPS Links and FAQ: Please read before posting ("Newbie Links")

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by Chris Fitzgerald, Mar 25, 2002.

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  1. Chris Fitzgerald

    Chris Fitzgerald Student of Life Staff Member Administrator

    Oct 19, 2000
    Louisville, KY
    Listed below are a series of topics, and links to previous discussions of same. I'll be adding to this list periodically whenever anyone suggests a new topic that should be covered here. For the sake of housekeeping and cleanliness, I'll be keeping this thread locked and stuck to the top of the forum: so if you have any suggestions or links to send me, please notify me by PM.

    NEWBIES: the purpose of this thread is not to discourage posting by new members, but rather to encourage informed posting by new members. Feel free to respond to any of these older threads - if you do, they'll get bumped back to the top and become open discussions again in case you have any questions or anything to add. You are of course also always welcome to start a new thread in any of the forums. Welcome to Talkbass!

    Double Bass Links Page
    Graciously assembled and hosted by (ALL HAIL) Bob Gollihur

    Jonas Lohse's Pickup Page
    (Shows and describes many different DB pickup types)


    Acoustic Bass Guitar/DB doubling rigs

    Gear and The Search for The Sound

    Best Speaker Size for DB

    Converting a BG rig for use with DB

    Equalization for DB

    Feedback: What is it?


    Microphones: Best choice for DB

    Mic Recommendations for DB

    Microphones through a Bass Amp

    Practicing amplified: good idea, or not?

    Preamps: What do they Do?

    Preamps: Do you Need One?

    Preamp Recommendations

    Recording Technique

    Speaker Placement: Floor or Raised

    Volume Pedal with DB

    Volume Pedal with DB, redux

    Watts, Ohms & dB: What Does It All Mean?


    Acoustic Image (General)

    Acoustic Image (Clarus)

    Acoustic Image Clarus + Cabinet impedences

    Acoustic Image Focus series III

    Acoustic Image: Extension Cabinets

    Acoustic Image: Cabs and Clarus

    AER Amplification Products

    Avalon U5

    Avalon 737

    Bag End vs. Bergantino

    Combo Comparison for DB

    D-TAR "Solstice" preamp

    Eden Traveller

    Epifani UL 110

    Euphonic Audio

    EA VL208 vs. VL110

    EA iamp800 review

    Fishman Pro Platinum EQ/Preamp

    Gallien Krueger Combo

    GK MB150s

    GK 150MBE vs. Acoustic Image

    Hartke Kickback 12

    Mackie Active Speaker

    Raven Labs MDB-1 Preamp

    Raven Labs PMB-1 Preamp

    Schertler 2/280 PUB

    Summit Audio TD-100

    SWR Workingman's Combos

    SWR Baby Blue

    Walter Woods

    Pickups and microphones

    Pickup/Preamp combinations (General)

    AKG D-112 vs. AMT S-25 and More

    AMT S-25 Bass Mic



    Clevinger "Natural Presence" Pickup

    Doublebass Workshop Pickup Comparison Page (with soundclips)

    Ehrlund vs. Realist Soundclip




    Fishman Full Circle -- Bridge Adjuster Model

    Fishman Full Circle vs. Realist (with sound samples)

    K&K Bass Max

    K&K Bass Max vs. Double Big Twin

    K&K Trinity Mic

    Microphone comparison thread (with soundclips)

    PickUp The World




    Realist + Piezo

    Realist + K&K Trinity

    Revolution Solo

    Schertler Dyn-B

    Schertler Stat-B

    String Charger



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