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  1. what do you need to plug your ipod into these?

    will it play stereo music in mono, thru your amp?

    finally decided to sell my ampeg 2x10 combo, the only thing it's been used for for years is the CD-input, i can plug an ipod into the adaptor and it sounds huge.

    will a regular 1/8th plug do the trick? (the particular amp im thinking of has a 1/8th input)

    thanks guys,

  2. Here is a thought.
    Since you didn't even bother to tell us what amp you are referring to.

    Simply go to the manufactures website and download the manual.
    Then read it.
  3. did that already. it makes no mention if a regular 1/8th cable will work.

    i figured all aux in plugs would function the same, but if it matters it's a markbass minimark.




    my mistake. looked again. i had the wrong manual the first go-around. yup. any old 1/8" plug.

    sorry. disregard this thread

  4. Some have a left/right RCA plug others have a stereo mini plug (like a headphone).

    Get the correct cable, either mini to RCA or mini to mini.

    It will NOT be stereo through your amp, because you have one amp and one speaker. In this case it goes through a "suming amplifier" first. This combines the left and right channels as that there is a phase canceling problem.

    Stereo requires 2 speakers and amps.

    If you have a headphone jack the source in the Aux may remain stereo, but this depends on how the amp was designed. Odds are the aux in is passed through to the headphone out uneffected other than combining with the bass signal.
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    yes 1/8th inch from the ipod to whatever the amp has and no it wont be stereo.
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    But it will be loud so make sure you adjust the level of your device first I made that mistake and woke the house up. :)
  7. It actually says you should use a 1/8" plug.

    "Use this jack to plug in a CD player, MP'3 player, iPod, etc using a 1/8" mini plug."

    Seems pretty clear.