amps with side-ventilation

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  1. Hi Steve,

    The amp I'm planning to buy has side-ventilation(EBS Fafner, needs 3 rack spaces)
    My rack- case (SKB) wich has 6 rack spaces can only be opend from the front and back-side, so it has no hole on the side to prevent overheating.
    Will this cause overheating or will it get enough cool air?

    I mailed EBS with this question and they said I should make a hole in the SKB!?

    GRTZ. Richard from Holland
  2. Steve Lawson

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    Apr 21, 2000
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    I'd check out how hot it gets - does it have fans? are they blowing out the sides??? that does seem like a weird thing to do with a rack mount head, considering it's designed to go in a rack case!!!!!!!!!!!

    cutting holes in the rack is not really an option - you'll weaken the case, and let in dust and moisture...

    if all else fails, it might be worth mounting a computer fan in the back of your rack case to keep things cool...