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  1. hey people. I am new to this so I want to start by asking some questions. I want to know what are ohms and what are they used for. Also whats the difference between a working mans three hundred, and an swr 350. the 350 only has 50 more watts but its twice as expensive. I like low end and I play through a swr WM 300. I get a lot of "speaker fart" how can I cure this problem. More watts maybe??
  2. Ohms are what you measure impedance in (i believe). Impedance is a circuit's resistance to alternating current. Bassically, ohms are the load a speaker cab presents your power amp. If you have a lower impedance, it will draw more power from the amp. Watch out though-you put too low a load and you can damage a power amp. As far as the SWR question, I don't know-probably just more options, higher quality pre/post amp components......and as far as the speaker farts, you might have a damaged speaker...