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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Gunnar Þór, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. I'm going to get a Rick this summer (that's the master plan anyway) and I was thinking about getting an amp and a cab to go with it. (Only have a small practise amp that can barely cut through clean guitar). Can the good folks here recommend a 200 to 400 watt head that sounds good with that bass and a 4x10 cab to go with it? (With the possibility of expanding to either another 410 or add a 115).
  2. Something midrangy would be the key for that classic huge, grindy Ric sound. The classic rig for a Ric is an SVT, so maybe you should look into an Ampeg SVT-III Pro. A Peavey head would also do.
  3. Thanks for the advice, but the Ampeg amp is was interested in is tube driven and I think that's just too much hazzle to be worth it.

    The Peavey website is a thing from hell. Damn commercials. One of their amps caught my interest, but upon closer inspection I found that no one carries them online. So they're out too.

    Do you think that an SWR amp would sound good with that bass? I'm a little interested in their workingman's 4004, what do you think of that amp?

    So to maybe provide some more detail, I'm looking for a solid state amp which sounds good plugged into a Rick, has 200 to 400 watts and doesn't cost much more than 650$. Now if there was just a search site which you could enter those specs, life would be easier for all of us. :)
  4. Rickenbacker 4003 with ...

    GK400RB and 800RB...the clank of the Ric combined with the clank of the GK's just didn't sound good IMO. Too much midrange and treble clank, not enough lows.

    Ampeg B2R (solid state)...nice and fat and low, but a bit lacking in the midrange.

    Ampeg V4 (tube)...righteous, but it's a heavy vintage amp. Same sound as an SVT (virtually) but 200w less power.

    Ashdown ABM500...didn't have much time to dial in a sound, but had masses of power and low end. Didn't give me much in the way of midrange but I think that's cause I plugged-and-played.

    Trace Elliot AHM400SMX (model?)...sorry, it sounds like a TE. Anything with an EQ instead of rotary tone controls is not easy to dial on stage. Sterile.

    SWR (WM15, Bass 160)...sterile, thin hi-fi sound. Did not sound good with a Ric.

    Eden WT800...glorious. Even with the amp EQ flat the Ric shines through. Doesn't have the grind that an SVT can give, though.

    Warwick Pro Tube IX...pricey, but nice. The solid-state section is a bit ho-hum, but the tube section rocks.

    Matchless a Walter Woods, tone up the wazoo but at a price!

    A summary: An Ampeg tube amp really shines the best (IMO) with a Ric...the Eden and Ashdown second. But that's just my opinion...all these were in a loud rock setting.
  5. I'd suggest something with a good FLAT sound. From my own Ric experience I'd suggest something high powered and solid state to get as little coloration as possible, a tube preamp is nice if you want to mellow out a bit of that Ric clank though.
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