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  1. I was lookin around the local flea market the other day , and I came across this real vintage looking bass. Its a six string , the head stock is made of stainless steel I think , or atleast plated with it, its got about six volume and tone knobs all together and is in a red-wood-sunburst color. At first look I thought it was a Peavey, then when I got closer I saw it was an Epiphone. I am not familliar with this model , never seen an epi like this. When I asked the seller how much for the bass he responded in these exact words " Boy that aint no bass, thats a guitar, one played by Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen gave it to em. But son its 3000$". The guy seemed like a hardheaded dumbass so I didnt bother telling him that Van Halen giving that "Guitar" to Hendrix was impossible. But it got me real curious about the bass and i searched all over the net looking and have found nothing, so does anyone know what this bass is?? Any info at all?? Not that id buy it , cause im almost broke, but Im just interested. The guy wouldnt let me play or even touch it. But it stirred up my curiousity.
  2. was it a bass or was it a guitar?
    i know there were six string basses tuned to a guitar only an octave lower like the fender bass VI (MAJOR GAS ATTACK!!) and i know gibson made a bass like that, only in the SG,thunderbird and 335 shape...btw, what shape was it?

  3. It was a Bass, in the shape of like a cross between a Warwick Thumb and a Peavey Grind. Nothing Id ever seen by Gibson or Epi. Now that i think about it , it kinda looked like a Lee Sklar bass but much bigger and the cutaway was much smaller.
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    Go find the guy and call him a stupid redneck.