An excellent 1968 Fender Precision Bass pickup

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    Nov 29, 2008
    This is not a review. I'm just sharing the moment and a few things I observed. Yesterday I received a complete 1968 Fender Precision Bass pickup. Today I installed it, and it is good. (Because I fell asleep for several hours while writing this, "today" became "tomorrow"; but I'll let it stand as "today".) I measured this pickup's DCR at about 10.6k ohms, then grounded its pole pieces and installed it in my Fender Custom Shop '59 Precision Bass strung with La Bella 760FS flatwounds.

    Why I like this pickup:
    • It survived. The seller knew nothing about guitars. They placed all the pickup's pieces in a baggie, not assembled, then wrapped that in bubble wrap in the shipping box. The bobbins, covers, grounding plate, and mounting screws were rattling around in the baggie during four days in transit.
    • It's one of the good ones. Simply because it's old doesn't mean that it sounds good. Far from being a poor example of an old Fender pickup, this is an excellent one.
    • It has features in common with the pickup in my 1969 Precision Bass. One of this pickup's bobbins has a black bottom, though all the other bobbin plates are gray. Both of the bobbins in my 1969 Precision Bass have black bottoms at least. (Someday I will find the nerve to remove that pickup for a full inspection.) That tells me that the Fender factory was still using up pre-CBS parts for three years or so.
    • It sounds unlike my two mid-1970s Fender Precision Bass pickups.
    • It sounds fantastic. Bold, raw, elegant, sonorous, deep, clear, harmonically rich, right out loud, beautiful audio. Like the 1969 bass's pickup, it rewards the money frets with a smile-inducing fat pillow of low bass. Even with each heard through a different bass and strings, both pickups sound quite similar.
    1968 Fender Precision Bass pickup 4.jpg
    1968 Fender Precision Bass pickup 5.jpg
    1968 Fender Precision Bass pickup 8.jpg
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