An Idea For A Custom 7-String Bass

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    Hey there everybody!

    I have been wanting a 7 string bass that I can tune in BEADGBE. I am wanting something like the Fender Bass VI with the extra B string. I am aware that there is the Ibanez BTB7E, however I do not like the design of the bass and I would like something with passive pickups.

    I have an idea for a custom 7-stringed bass, and I'm wondering if it's possible.

    I thought of ordering the body parts from Warmoth to start. For the body, I was thinking about the Iceman 5 design and order it without pickup and bridge routes. Then for the neck, I thought of the blank paddle headstock, do a custom headstock design to accomodate the 7 tuners. I'm wondering if the 1 7/8" nut width would be wide enough to fit standard gauge bass strings (I am wanting the string spacing to be similar to the Fender Bass VI). The scale available is 34".

    I was thinking abot ordering custom pickups for this bass, but I guess I can use just regular 7 string guitar humbuckers. Maybe the Sentient (middle position) and Pegasus combo.

    I know that the bridge would be the only real concern of mine

    I have a diagram for my idea attached to this post.
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