An introduction and a thank you

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  1. Spala


    Dec 29, 2013
    Hello everyone. I've been creeping these forums for close to 4 months now leading up to my undertaking of the bass journey again. I've been a percussionist and drummer for most of my life, so all things groove are what interest me; I also believe to improve the synergy with your bassist in any musical style, knowledge of bass is key.

    That said, I wanted to thank everyone here that I've read posts from concerning various squier basses. I first was thinking the deluxe active 4, then the vintage mod, and finally found out how incredible the cv jazz is; boy was it spot on. This cv 60s jazz is an incredible instrument, both in looks and sound. I see there is a wealth of knowledge here, and I look forward to participating in discussions here.

    I've got myself the Hal Leonard 3 series book/cd and I'm working through them, though a wife and 2 year old keep me busy most of the time lol. Managed to get to where it starts working some more notes on the A string, and I'm enjoying myself (though I wanna get my action lowered so I can use a softer touch with more speed and expression) this far, especially the cd accompaniment (as a performer, I really enjoy the playalong ability).

    I'm a music ed major, so I've already got a semester of theory under my belt, and I'll continue to learn theory in my classes. I'm excited for this venture, and I look forward to where it takes me.

    Thanks again people of TB.