An NBD thought from Wes Montgomery

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    Wes played some good 4 string guitar, but nothing to talk about. Around 1943 when he was 22 , married and living on a apprentice welders salary, he heard a Charlie Christian recording and was transfixed. He immediately went out and bought a 6 string guitar and amp for $350, an enormous amount of money back then and a sum he could ill afford. Thats about $5000 in todays money on a apprentice welders salary.

    He practiced relentlessly. Within 8 months, he was playing Charlie Christian's solos and gigging with his talented brothers.

    He wanted to quit but couldn't.

    " I didnt want to be a musician but there all that guitar looking at me"

    He went on to become one of jazz s finest guitarists. His huge popularity rested on his Verve recordings using the octave style, but he could really smoke that guitar with single note and chord solos. Listen to "Caravan"
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  2. Man, I was trying to think of what to listen to next, and this hits the darn spot! I think I still have a copy of Willow Weep for Me, I must've stolen from my dad long ago.
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