No longer available An unholy marriage of two basses: Lipstick Pickup Jazz Bass made with high-quality Fender parts!

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    Dec 19, 2004
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    Well, if you're seen any of my listings lately, you may remember this fretless bass with lipstick tube pickups. I still have it - sort of, but I also just acquired a beautiful butterscotch translucent American Fender Jazz Bass in a trade and I decided - why not fuse these two beauties together in some sort of unholy bass matrimony (thanks that's my all-bass metal band name now :D)

    The result was - the butterscotch American Fender body got my fretless neck and is staying with me. The lipstick tube body got the American Fender Jazz neck and is now for sale!

    The specs:

    Neck: American Fender Jazz Standard. Not sure what year, but it was whenever Fender was doing the "S1" switches so probably mid 2000s I think. Nice neck - what you'd expect from an American Fender - satin, nice rosewood, good fretwork, quality tuners, etc., Standard. :D The thing is - I don't play 1.5" nut width Jazz necks anymore, so I have no real use for it. But - most bass players DO like 1.5" / Jazz necks, so hopefully someone else will dig it!

    The body I sourced on Talkbass - it's an alder (I think) MIM Fender P body that was routed for two Jazz pickups. I had Kent Armstrong lipstick pickups installed and they sound awesome! I also had a wood control plate made for the back of the bass because the original plastic one was cut a bit unevenly. The bass comes with two custom pickguards - one black abalone (cut by my luthier) and the other brown tort (cut by Chandler's Pickguard Heaven.) It is currently wearing the brown tort guard. My luthier also did a beautiful satin finish that I would say is close to "sienna burst" or something similar. It is about 8.8 lbs. Comes with a black heavy duty Fender bass case with gray fur lining. The case must have taken a tumble with a previous owner because one corner is busted (see last picture) but the damage appears to be cosmetic only. It still shuts cleanly and all the latches work as they should. Passive wiring (vol/vol/tone) with black "Sadowsky style" aluminum knobs.

    Important note: It could use a setup. Since this body previously had a fretless neck on it, the fretted neck has pretty high action in standard tuning. I didn't mess with the bridge saddles or truss rod. Instead, I just tuned it down to BEAD for sh**s and giggles and it sounds THUNDEROUS and plays beautifully. If you're handy with adjustments, this should be no problem. It has a pretty deep truss rod channel as the previous fretless neck had an overhang.

    $785 + Fedex insured Ground shipping, lower 48. Reasonable offers considered. I will consider parting it out but only if I get no offers on the whole bass, and only for the loaded neck and/or loaded body (I'm not interested in breaking the bass down to its bridge, tuners, pickups, etc, sorry!)

    Trades? I'm always open but there's not really a lot I need. I'll hear ideas, but only if there's a good chunk of cash coming my way with the trade. I'm pretty set on basses and amps, and I don't really use pedals BUT... I'll hear ideas. :)

    My pictures were taken in a bit of a hurry last night but I can take better ones for interested parties if desired.

    matrimony5.jpg matrimony11.jpg matrimony10.jpg matrimony9.jpg matrimony3.jpg matrimony8.jpg matrimony1.jpg matrimony2.jpg
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    Dec 4, 2006
    That’s fabulous looking.
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    Apr 7, 2011
    I traded for a G&L parts Jazz with lipstick pickups on TB last year and it's *terrific* strung with LaBella LTF.
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    Well, that was quick. My guitar player (who is a better bassist than me but inexplicably likes my bass playing enough to keep me as his bassist in pretty much every band he's been in) wanted to buy the body. He wants to noodle around with unlined fretless so he's going to use this body and buy an unlined Warmoth fretless neck.

    So I will mark this unavailable and move the neck to the Accessories section.
  5. Jerry Scheff approves this bass. TCB.
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