Analog Synths....?

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  1. Can you slap and tap and play chords with an analog synth(particularly the EH Bass Mirco Synth)?
    My only expirience with synths have been with the Boss SYB-3 and I thought it was a terrible unit. Being that it is digital, is that why you can slap, tap or play chords, or are all synths like that? Can you slap, tap and play chords with the EH bass Micro Synth?? Thanks a lot

  2. Yes slapping, tap and playing cords is possible when you play into an anolog synth It sound really cool too, nothing better then a percussive sound synthesized. I love my EH Bass Micro Synth.
  3. how is the tracking on the micro synth? how fast can you play without it crappin out? Thanks nate
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    Jan 13, 2000
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    It tracks almost perfectly. no problems at all and I play fast on it. I use mine just for fun (haven't been able to work it into my band yet)

  5. EH Bass Micro Synth: tracking is very fast (instant?) but seems to need a little period of low-signal between the attacks to re-trigger, depending on how you have the sensitivity set. So if you can play, mute, and play again really fast, it'll track it just fine. (Or you can just crank up the sensitivity, but that has other downsides.) Otherwise it might sometimes miss the trigger. But, unlike the digitals it still plays the note, just without the filter effects re-triggering.

    That said, if you're doing filter stuff, it takes a certain amount of time for the filter sweep to play out, and playing too fast just misses the point.

    Although with a hi-lo sweep it can be cool to re-trigger just the high bits a lot and then hold a note to sweep down.