SOLD Analysis-Plus Pro Power Oval Power Cord

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    Sep 17, 2008
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    ANALYSIS-PLUS PRO POWER OVAL-Power Cord. Ultra high end hollow oval design for low noise. 4 ft length. This is a brand new, never used cable. I ordered it for a high power amp, but sold the amp and didn't return this within the return period. Here's a few features from Analysis Plus:

    Analysis Plus new PRO POWER OVAL uses better than hospital grade plugs that have a Perma-Lock Terminals, Large, high spring-rate contacts, Glass filled high temperature nylon front housing, Polycarbonate rear housing, Stainless hardware mated to a true balance cable for lower common mode noise. The 12 AWG gauge cable design has hot and cold leads that are symmetrical with a full shield around the hot and cold conductors to eliminated EMI/EMC. The cable also has the lowest inductance on the market for the lowest noise voltage of any pro power cord.

    This is a very flexible cable, not stiff like most of the heavy gauge power cords. This length is $183 plus shipping at Analysis Plus. Get a bargain on a brand new cable here for $105, including Priority Mail 3-Day Shipping to 48 Continental U.S. States.

    I WILL ONLY SHIP TO THE 48 CONTINENTAL U.S. STATES. NO TRADES. L1040144.JPG L1040139.JPG L1040140.JPG L1040141.JPG L1040142.JPG L1040143.JPG
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    Sep 17, 2008
    Boynton Beach, FL