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  1. I did something not quite a year ago I never imagined I'd do. I commissioned a custom bass build! I had been trying to flip a couple of basses to raise the funds for a Benavente I saw here in the classifieds, unfortunately, someone beat me to it. Chris Benavente contacted me via FB when I posted about being bummed about missing out on the bass. After some discussion, and his very generous offer to build me my very own,...I pulled the trigger! :bassist: Fast forward to the present, and progress pics and videos from Chris show my bass is ALMOST READY!

    Specs are, 5 string, 33" scale, alder body and buckeye burl top with matching headstock , maple neck and fretboard , Howard Ulyate Split coil p'ups and Benavente electronics. It's been both a delight and an exercise in patience to see the progress pics as they've come in. My wait is almost over now,...a few more weeks and I'll have her in my hands. :hyper:

    A couple of pics from the " birthing process" here. I think she's gonna be one gorgeous gal when she's complete! BTW, if you haven't tried one of Chris's basses, do yourself a favor and lay hands on one. He's one of the best builders out there , anywhere! BenaBuild 1.jpg benafrets.jpg ulyate.jpg

    BTW, I already own one of Chris's builds I bought used here on TB, a DCD 4 string. A true pleasure to play,..lightweight, ,....and a killer jazz on steroids type tone. It's the one bass that has stayed with me through several years of bass trading. Here's a pic of her. benaclose.jpg

    When my new gal arrives I'll post an actual NBD thread. I was just so excited today to receive a new progress pic that I couldn't contain myself. I'm sure those of you who have done custom orders know the feeling. Think I'll go play my Bena 4 string now for a while to calm myself back down. :thumbsup:
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    Received a gift from Sire* (see sig)
  3. Stunning!
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    Love that burl top!
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    Killer bass. Chris is an unbelievable builder. Currently have him building me a PJ5.
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