'Andrew Gouche' Bass Methods'

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  1. mustBmtd

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    Sep 28, 2012
    Wanted to know has anybody tried his package booklet along with the videos, backing tracks and tabs. Let me know if you have tried it out and your opinions.
  2. I looked it over (on Amazon) and it seemed a little weird. The book has a disclaimer that Gouche's bass is not standard tuning. His is tuned "A D G C F", so it's all down a whole step, and then it goes on to say he sometimes uses a six string. I've never seen him use anything except a six string. I guess if you know your way around the bass already you can get some stuff out of it. It would probably confuse the hell out of a beginner.

    It's mostly a bunch of grooves, so maybe it's useful. Alternatively, you can just transcribe stuff that you like, without buying the book.
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  3. Green1


    Sep 23, 2010
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    I have it. I bought it originally before it was released on amazon. It is true that he tunes his whole bass down a full step, so watching his hands on the videos is not really going to help. The transcriptions are standard as well as tab. The videos are regular speed and he also does a slow version of each of the examples although it is usually just a particular part of the example that may be tricky NOT the entire example. The examples are probably 50 percent finger grooves and 50 slap......some are a mixture of both. There are some cool grooves on there, I felt like it was worth the money.
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  4. Thanks for the info! This book now has my attention since @mustBmtd asked the question. Did you find the grooves to be something you could use in performance or did it feel sort like it was just something you could only apply to his specific example?
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    They are definitely applicable in regular performances. While nothing there is truly Earth-shattering there are some really nice ones, and liked the diversity of styles covered. However, if you don't already have some understanding of music it might be challenging to get the full appreciation, since Gauche doesn't explain what he does, but just...does it.
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  6. Green1


    Sep 23, 2010
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    I agree with GastonD. There is definitely some usable grooves in there. Agreed that Gouche is a monster player but he doesn't talk at all about the grooves.
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    One of his two signature MTD models is a 5.