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Andrew Weiss Rollins band pedals?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by skoora, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. skoora


    Feb 2, 2006
    I've done searches but can't find specific mentions of what pedals Weiss used into his GK/Hartke setup. End Of Silence is to this day the benchmark of distorted, auto wah bass I've heard. I saw an old live video where it looked like he had two Boss? pedals taped together near the foot of his cabs. One looked like the color of an ODB-3 and the other I believe was white. Anyone know for sure?
  2. Lebowsky

    Lebowsky Effects Forum Resident

    Mar 18, 2007
    Lausanne, Switzerland
    Andrew Weiss rocks in the Rollins Band :)

    A white Boss pedal would be the tuner I'd guess..
  3. I'm sure it's some sort of envelope filter/auto wah, and I've been searching all over the sun on some information about his setup (pedal wise)...no luck.
  4. nad

    nad 60 Cycle Humdinger

    Sep 22, 2005
  5. Thanks -I actually went through that thread, but I thought I would post under the one that was titled appropriatley. I know that his tone is OD/Fuzz + Envelope Filter, but it's the sound of the filter that I'm looking for. If anyone has any suggestions...
  6. TaySte_2000


    Jun 23, 2001
    Manchester, UK
    Endorsing Artist: Mojohand, Subdecay, Overwater, Matamp
    Got a youtube link or something I'll have a listen?
  7. Lebowsky

    Lebowsky Effects Forum Resident

    Mar 18, 2007
    Lausanne, Switzerland
  8. vegas532


    Nov 10, 2006
    Pensacola, FL.
    Huh...whadaya know...that is an ODB-3 down there. I never would've guessed it.

    We must find out this magic setting. :D
  9. [​IMG]

    :confused: my guess from the live video. looks like the pedal has yellow knobs.
  10. csala


    Aug 14, 2005
    Santa Monica, Ca
    The End Of Silence has some of the greatest bass tones ever recorded in a studio. Weiss is a monster. Too bad he doesn't play much anymore, I guess that Ween money has compromised his chops.

    Dig the 2 string bass in Zapp's link!

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  11. andvari7


    Aug 28, 2004
    I think Weiss DID play on the newest Ween album (La Cucaracha), assuming I'm reading these liner notes correctly. Fantastic album, BTW.
  12. gibsualdo


    Jun 19, 2006
    London, England
    A few more possible candidates -




    That is a red pedal to the left of the white/yellow one isn't it? The lightning and bad camera kind of make it look a bit purple at times thoughout the footage. For the record I couldn't find any purple Boss pedals, made before 1991 that weren't Flangers or Choruses. Also, does anyone else think that there may be a black or dark coloured pedal down to the left of the white/yellow one, and even possibly one to the right of the red one too, an Ibanez Fat Cat perhaps? (See D.A.R.K.'s post in the thread pasted above).

    EDIT: My bad, looks like that might just be black tape, holding the lighter colour pedal to the floor. The clip shows a pretty close shot at around 2:35.
  13. bassness


    Jul 16, 2006
    Chicago area
    I don't know about End of Silence days, but I know previous to that he used a Tube Screamer or a Boss Heavy Metal 2. I used to hang with him a bit when they came through on tour.
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