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ann beretta covering an ALL song? or is ALL covering them?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Stupidnick, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. Stupidnick


    Mar 22, 2002
    ...my room...
    hmmmm i have a question..
    I just put down a covor of Long Distance(im doing 8 covor songs and im gonna use the 2 best ones out of all 8 and im gonna put them on the album)
    Did Ann Beretta covor ALL's song "Long Distance" or did ALL covor Ann Beretta.
    Either way its one of the best most well constructed songs ive ever heard. The Ann Beretta song is well.. hmm it reminds me.. if axl rose was trying to sing with the beatles going acoustic.. heh.. its still good but different..
    The all version though is faster.. it sounds the same sept faster a bit and well plugged... They are both good though..
    like i said.. it sounds like a Pre pubecent axl rose..
    the ALL version sounds like.. well chad price singing it..
    if anyone can tell me who wrote this darn song.. then thanks alot!
  2. According to allmusic.com, Bill Stevenson wrote the song, so it's ALL.

    Though, a lot of times covers sound better than the original. Take "Respect" for example, Aretha Franklin is famous for that song, but Otis Redding wrote it.
  3. Stupidnick


    Mar 22, 2002
    ...my room...
    thanks bigwill.. i just found out that the ann barette version is pretty new and long distance is from i think 1995 off ALL's pummel release! *my favorite all cd*

    No wonder stevenson wrote.. i think hes one of the best song writers.. =D I love that whole band.. lol its kinda weird... as far as drums i wish i was bill.. hes got killer chops..and karl is my bass hero of all time.. and all my guitar parts seem to come out quiet like stephen's..wooweee..
    Only if i could have a dan armstrong.

    will.. Thanks for ALL the information..
  4. bahahahah! too funny.
    *runs away*

  5. Tink nuttin' of it, kid.

    Hey toots, how's about we hit the cabana early and refinish da floor.

    Ahhh, yer ol' man ain't got nuttin' if he ain't takin' a fine lady like you out on da town....

    ....That's what they say, ma'am
  6. sleazylenny


    Jun 20, 2002
    Mpls, MN
    It's good to see other people that appreciate All. Most of my music buddies are a bit more mainstream and have no idea who they are. I was floored by the musicianship of All when I first heard them. They started to lose me around "Percolater", though. ( musical and production changes weren't to my liking)

    All, Allroy's Revenge and Allroy Saves are some of my alltime favorite discs. The flat, transparent production of those three really let the individual instruments stand out.

    Copping some of those basslines, fingerstyle, can be quite a test of endurance ( "Silly Little Girl" comes to mind.) Was Alvarez a pick or finger guy?
  7. Stupidnick


    Mar 22, 2002
    ...my room...
    Alvarez was a finger guy! =D
    silly little girl.. is one of the best rock basslines ive ever heard and just recently figured it out but still cant play it fast enough. hes deffinitly a killer bassist.
    I think ALL(wasn't that a descendents cd??) and Allroys Revenge and Allry saves was deffinitly good. I haven't heard anything much on Percolater so i cant judge. I think chad price rocks though. I hope they stick with him for a LONG time.. and if they ever get rid of him.. Dave Smalley needs to come back. Pummel is my favorite ALL cd though. I first heard about them in Big brother when i saw a ad for Mass Nerder back in 98 though. =D and i heard honey peeps and the worlds on heroin. .and i was like "THE SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE! YAY!"

    well its cool..
    Lenny keep going towards being ALLular and everything..
  8. sleazylenny


    Jun 20, 2002
    Mpls, MN

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