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Annoyed with another forum !

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by TheButler, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Last night i was up till' 1 AM compiling a thread to sell LOADS of AV gear for my brother that he bought in a job lot. I agreed that if he gave me a Power Amplifer and the RCF PA speakers then i'd do my best to advertise and find info on all this VERY confusing AV rack gear . It took me AGES to make the thread up; with pictures, research and everything. Anyway, i read the forums (which i shan't name :rolleyes: ) trading rules, albeit not as thoroughly as i perhaps should of i must confess, thinking it would be more or less like any internet forum (i.e TB)

    So, I got some guy replying, he said i needed to put prices for the items. I clearly stated i had NO CLUE about the value of the stuff and thought i'd just take offers on it, as you do. So today i log to check if i had got any replies/PM and... my thread was deleted, all gone, and my trading rights were permantly taken for being under 18, i was selling for my 27 y.o brother ! i suppose it makes no difference.

    Anyway, i realise there is not much point in this thread apart from an opertunity to get a good venting of my annoyance :D
  2. Basshole

    Basshole Inactive

    Jan 28, 2005
    The nice thing about the Internet (and the world for that matter) are that things tend to seek their own level. This forum you speak of won't last long. There's too much competition out there...and if you overcomplicate, regulate, or annoy your userbase, they simply go elsewhere, to where life is easier.
  3. Won't last long eh ? It is the biggest AV forum on the go, well in the UK ( that gives it away) Your exactly right, it is WAY too over complicated and very tightly regulated. Ok, that is good to an extent to stop scammers etc etc but it can be taken too far. Also, because i am under 18 i can't trade, i said that i am on a bass forum, that i contribute to regularly. I also said i can give a link to the ebay account that both me and my brother use (that has 100% feedback and too many transactions to be bothered looking at the figure) Anyway, the forum has some VERY good content, it is probably the best for AV on the go, just unfortunate they have such tight regulations that are generally very different from other internet forums.
  4. Right, the mods have been really good. We have now exchanged some pms and it is all good :) They have gave me a copy of my old thread and it looks like they are now going to let my brother register to sell the gear. It is a great forum as i mentioned probably un paralled. I am happy that now things have been sorted out i can go back to enjoying it :D
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