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  1. Hey I got a noob question

    Lately when I subscribe or start new threads suddenly a box appears next to the title this however brings any person that subscribes to the thread that I have recently posted onto my Email box which I have to keep deleting
    I dunno how this happened but I think I know who did it my new girlfriend works with computers so I mistakenly let her use the cpu for a while, while I had a practice to go to ( Yep dumb move )
    I told her what did you do but she just laughs and tells me to spend time with her than with those TBer's :D
    Anyway I must admit I'm not clued up on computers so I just use it for TB or studying music on the net

    So please help so I can get this annoying problem off my back ( I don't mean her btw although...... )
  2. JMX

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    Go to My Talkbass -> Edit Options and set Default Thread Subscription Mode to "do not subscribe" (@ middle of page)
  3. Thanx JMX you're lifesaver :hyper: