Annoying Youtube Comments.

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    Mar 24, 2014
    There are alot of YouTube comments that annoyed me but what annoys me the most is when people says "Do you think you can do what he/she does, why r u watching then, don't like don't watch" that happens all the time when someone pointing the flaws of some people usually music covers, like one guy said the vocal is a bit bla bla, he say it nicely and stuff but people always says "CAn U do dat" "Don't liek dont watch" "U JEALOUS", I mean come on you don't have to be a Michelin star chef to say that the food is not good, you don't have to be the best football player(soccer) to say that the freekick was bad, It's just some people just need to learn to take critics, I personally don't mind when a person comment "this band is s**t" on my favourite band.
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    Haha, yeah I know exactly what you mean. I wish there was some kind of filter for those comments.

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  3. The key to a more harmonious life has been, and always be, never to read the comments. Most of the people in the world are pretty stupid. Half are even more stupid than that. Don't bother listening to them.
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    don't waste even ten seconds of your life reading youtube comments.

    The Y gen can't take criticism because from babies their mums wanted to be their best friend, not their disciplinarian. Their teachers weren't allowed to tell them they were wrong,even with spelling. So now they say "would of", not realising that what they think is "would of" is "would've", the abbreviation of would have..
  5. YouTube comments are a mixed bag. Sure, 99% of all the comments are absolute anal crust, but there are some real knowledgeable and helpful people out there too. All the racist crap really needs to stop though. Its seems like every video with any person of non white ethnicity always brings out the absolute scum of the Earth. Its tiring and tedious and reflects badly on our species as a whole.
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  7. I'm pretty sure that most YouTube commenters are the fruit of the "we don't spank" parents.
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    Oct 24, 2013
    It's pretty shallow of you to make such a statement, wouldn't you say? There is a ton of scientific evidence proving you don't need any violent behaviour in order to raise a well-behaving child.
  9. And a ton of empirical evidence that shows that it doesn't hurt in raising a well-behaving child.
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  10. +1 to this.
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    I don't read youtube comments. I have a bunch of browser plugins for privacy/ads, and one or more of them makes the yt comments not visible. I've never been tempted to try to get them working.
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  12. Oh, relax. I'm just joking. Sort of.
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    You're welcome.

    There must be addons for other browsers too, this is trivial to script.
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    Oh sweet Jesus.

    Back on topic.....just don't read the comments....unless you care about the opinions of 14 year olds.